For Immediate Release - April 23, 2013

Board Denies Parole to Lawrence Rapist

The Massachusetts Parole Board denied parole to Angel Rivera, 40, who pled guilty to charges related to a series of brutal rapes and armed robberies in the Lawrence area in 1990, in a decision released by the Board late yesterday.  The Board also imposed the maximum review period of 5 years.

“This defendant committed vicious attacks on 10 victims ranging from age 2 to 34; including raping girls aged 13, 14 and 16 at gunpoint. He also terrorized the community of Lawrence,” District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said.  “I commend the work of my Appeals Unit as well as the Parole Board for keeping this defendant incarcerated and providing those victims, who are now survivors, the justice and peace of mind they deserve.”

Between September and November of 1990, Mr. Rivera raped and robbed, at gunpoint, ten different victims, ranging from 2 to 34 years old.  On January 14, 1993, he pleaded guilty to multiple counts of aggravated rape, rape of a child, armed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed assault with intent to murder.  He was sentenced to 12 concurrent terms of life in prison.

In opposing his parole, Essex Assistant District Attorney Phillip Mallard stated that, “the numerous concurrent life sentences have not achieved the desired effects.” He went on to explain that the defendant has failed to complete a Sex Offender Treatment Program despite being incarcerated for twenty years, he is a confirmed gang member, and continues to seek out the attention of women on the internet. 

“Mr. Rivera has not exhausted the period of incarceration warranted by the catalog of pain and human suffering he inflicted upon his numerous victims, their families and community,” Mallard said.  “Through his continuing sexual misconduct while incarcerated, gang membership, violence, and outright deceit to other women online, he has proven that the punishment imposed at sentencing – twelve concurrent terms of life imprisonment – has yet to obtain its end.”