For Immediate Release - September 13, 2013

DA Blodgett Concludes Danvers Police Shooting Investigation

Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett completed his investigation into the August 23, 2013 fatal police shooting of Scott Kehoe and released his findings today.

The investigation found that Danvers Police responded to a report of an assault on Kirkbride Drive on August 22, 2013 in which Scott Kehoe was the alleged assailant.  Later, Kehoe, who had arrest warrants for home invasion, kidnapping, resisting arrest and other crimes, had informed a friend that he wanted to commit “suicide by cop” that evening.  This information was shared with Danvers Police officers and State Police troopers at the scene as they were attempting to place Kehoe under arrest.  Kehoe, armed with a knife, ignored repeated orders to drop the knife and to get down on the ground.  Officers unsuccessfully attempted to use a K9 to subdue him.  He aggressively brandished his knife, threatening a state police trooper, a Danvers K-9 and a Danvers officer.  Kehoe continued to move toward a Danvers officer as that officer fired his weapon at the ground.  This action put those officers in imminent danger thus justifying their use of deadly force to protect themselves and others.

“As I stated three weeks ago, immediately following the incident, I am releasing a full report of my findings on this investigation. The public is entitled to know that police officers, who are charged with protecting the public and enforcing the law, have acted lawfully in their use of lethal force,” District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said.  “These officers had to make split-second decisions in a rapidly changing situation in which a man, known to be dangerous and who had expressed his desire to commit suicide by police officer, was aggressively brandishing a knife and attempting to stab them.  There is no question that Mr. Kehoe posed an imminent threat of killing or seriously injuring the officers, thus justifying their use of lethal force.”