For Immediate Release - October 20, 2016

DA Refers Gloucester Matter to AG and Feds

District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett announced today that the Essex District Attorney's Office has completed its review of the materials pertaining to the former Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello, Sgt. Sean Conners, and the Gloucester Police Department and has turned the matter over to the Attorney General and the United States Attorney.

“After a careful review of the materials and discussions with Attorney General Healey, US Attorney Ortiz and their staffs, I believe that, with their combined resources, they are best able to investigate these matters,” District Attorney Blodgett said.  “Both agencies have agreed to work together and the Essex District Attorney's Office will no longer be involved in any aspect of this matter.”

The City of Gloucester requested assistance from the Essex District Attorney's Office in investigating the reported disappearance of former Chief Campanello’s city-owned cell phone.  The City then forwarded materials related to its audits of the former Chief, the Department and Sgt. Sean Conners to the Essex District Attorney's Office for review.