For Immediate Release - October 17, 2016

Former MMA Gym Owner Convicted of Mayhem and Assault

A Salem Superior Court jury found an 40-year old former Mixed Martial Arts gym owner guilty of brutally beating and disfiguring his former girlfriend following a 7-day trial. 

Joseph Louf, who owned American Total Defense in Beverly, was found guilty of 11 of the 12 counts against him, including Mayhem (nose); Assault with Intent to Maim; 4 counts of Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (belt, bottle opener, rubbing alcohol and scissors), Assault & Battery on a pregnant person, Assault & Battery causing Serious Bodily Injury and Assault & Battery.  The jury found the defendant not guilty of one count of mayhem.

Judge Timothy Feeley will impose a sentence on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 2:00 pm in Salem Superior Court.

Essex Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall introduced testimony and evidence at trial that proved that Joseph Louf severely beat his then 26-year-old girlfriend over a period of 18 months.  When the woman finally went to her family for help, she was nearly unrecognizable to her own mother.  The evidence showed that she had two detached retinas that were a result of the defendant kneeling on her eyes.  The defendant had also broken her nose numerous times, strangled her, and picked her up by her hair.

“With this verdict, the jury has assured the victim that she is not at fault nor did she deserve what happened to her,”  District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said.   

The defendant is represented by Attorney Michelle Brennan.