For Immediate Release - October 19, 2016

Jailhouse Drug Conspirators Sentenced

Two of three Lynn residents, who were convicted of stuffing a person full of drugs to smuggle drugs into the Middleton House of Corrections, were sentenced today in Salem Superior Court. 

Justice Gonzalez, 25, Kyrikoula “Carol” Iliopoulos, 28, and Darrell Wheeler, 27, were all convicted on September 21, 2016 of Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws following an 8-day trial.

Judge James Lang sentenced Mr. Gonzalez to 3 to 5 years in state prison and Ms. Iliopoulos to two and half years in the House of Corrections.  Mr. Wheeler will be sentenced on October 24, 2016.

Essex Assistant District Attorney Kim Gillespie introduced evidence and testimony that proved that Gonzalez, while in pre-trial custody in the Middleton House of Corrections, conspired with his co-defendants to smuggle heroin, marijuana, prescription medications and other contraband into the jail for the purpose of selling it to other inmates.  Gonzalez is heard on a series of phone calls made from the jail to Iliopoulos and Wheeler, making plans to post bail for an inmate, put drugs in him and send him back into jail so Gonzalez could sell the drugs inside the jail. In April 2014, Iliopoulos posted the $300 bail for an unnamed inmate and brought him to a location in Lynn, where drugs and contraband were placed into his body cavity.   Iliopoulos then “surrendered” him to the Haverhill District Court.  When he returned to the House of Corrections, the man asked to be housed with Gonzalez, which created suspicion among Corrections officers.  Eventually, the drugs and contraband were recovered.

ADA Gillespie praised the great work of Corrections Officers at the Middleton House of Correction, particularly Deputy David Earle.

Gonzalez was represented by Attorney John Morris, Iliopoulos was represented by Attorney Ray Buso and Wheeler was represented by Attorney Timothy Connors.