For Immediate Release - March 31, 2014

Leonard Degnan Found Guilty of Corruption

Leonard Degnan, former Chief of Staff to former Mayor William Lantigua, was found guilty by a jury of corruption charges this afternoon in Lawrence Superior Court.  Judge Douglas Wilkins ordered Degnan to be placed into custody until a sentencing hearing on Thursday, April 3rd at 9:00 a.m.

The jury convicted Degnan of Bribery, Conspiracy, Soliciting a Bribe and Unlawful Use of Official Position.  He was found not guilty of Extortion.

“I am pleased that the jury appreciated the seriousness of this case,” District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said.   “This case was not about a trash truck.  This case was about corruption and criminal wrongdoing perpetrated on the citizens of Lawrence.”

Essex Assistant District Attorneys Michael Patten and Michael Sheehan proved that the defendant used his position as the Chief of Staff of then Mayor-Elect William Lantigua to compel a city vendor to donate a trash truck to the city of Tenares in the Dominican Republic.

The Essex District Attorney's Office worked closely with the Lawrence Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Massachusetts State Police on this investigation.