For Immediate Release - October 03, 2016

Statement Concerning Lynn Police Involved Shooting

At 9:12 this morning, Lynn Police attempted to serve a search warrant at 300 Lynn Shore Drive, apartment 511, in connection with a September 26th armed robbery at the Porthole Pub.

Based upon their investigation, Lynn Police identified the 57-year-old white male resident of 300 Lynn Shore Drive, apartment 511, as the suspect in the armed robbery.

Officers knocked and announced themselves at the door.  Police and a witness inside the apartment state that the suspect replied that police were not going to take him.  The witness reported that the suspect was pointing a gun at the door, at which point she retreated to her bedroom.

Officers then made a forced entry into the apartment.  As soon as the door breached, an officer saw the suspect pointing a gun at the door and he announced, “gun” at which time the officers fell back.  The suspect exited the apartment into the hallway and was still pointing a gun at officers.  Three officers then fired at the suspect.  Officers immediately called for an ambulance.  Lynn Fire responded and pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.

Investigators are working to determine how many shots were fired and how many shots hit the suspect.

The suspect’s name is withheld at this time until a next of kin notification is made.

This matter remains under investigation by the Essex District Attorney's Office, the State Police detectives assigned to the Essex District Attorney's Office, MSP Crime Scene Services and Ballistics.