• Juvenile Prevention Programs

    District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett's Juvenile Justice Program is intended to balance strong prosecution with appropriate prevention services, thereby providing an effective response to juvenile crime in Essex County. Juvenile Justice Units are in all Essex County Juvenile and District Courts, reviewing all juvenile cases for appropriate placement from Juvenile Diversion to prosecution. In addition, the Juvenile Justice Unit develops a variety of awareness and prevention programs and works closely with schools and police to implement the programs.  For more information on these programs, please contact the Juvenile Justice Unit in the Main Office at 978-745-6610.
  • Intervention

    Vigorous prosecution is not the only method to combat juvenile crime.  Through the Juvenile and Youthful Diversion programs, first-time, nonviolent offenders may be offered intervention and remedial measures as an effective way to address their problems.  Drug Diversion is also offered to non-violent drug-related offenders as a way to address their substance abuse problem through treatment while still maintaining accountability through the court system.
  • Senior Citizens

    Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett is committed to using the Office to promote crime prevention especially among senior citizens, who are often the targets of criminal activity.  For this reason the Office offers a variety of prevention programs for senior citizens.  The programs seek to empower seniors by giving them information they need to protect themselves from criminals and to recognize when someone may be taking advantage of them.