As District Attorney, my primary responsibility is the swift and fair prosecution of criminal acts. However many crimes, particularly those against seniors, go unreported. This is particularly true of domestic abuse cases. My office is reaching out to the senior community to raise awareness of domestic violence in an effort to encourage victims to come forward and report the abuse. Only then can we act to stop it.

The bottom line is there is no excuse for violence and everyone is entitled to feel safe in their own home. When a person strikes, hits, kicks, punches or threatens you or someone you know, they have committed a crime. This person could be a spouse, an adult child or other relative or a caregiver.

Domestic violence is not caused by or provoked by the actions or inactions of the victim. Alcohol or drug abuse, depression, lack of money, lack of a job, mental illness or abuse as a child do not directly cause domestic violence. However, existing problems often create additional stress in a relationship and may increase the risk of violence. Many abusers blame the victim or other things for their violent acts and do not take responsibility for their abusive behavior.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, or know of someone who is, there is help available. Contact your local police department, Council on Aging, or my office. We are here to help you. No one needs to suffer.