• Information for Victims & Witnesses

    As a victim of or witness to crime, you are entitled to certain rights under the Victim Rights Law.  Beyond informing you of those rights, Victim Witness Advocates work to aid victims and witnesses in navigating the court process.  They will ensure that you are informed, present and heard.
  • Domestic Violence

    The Essex District Attorney's Office realizes that a safe, violence-free home is not a reality of many families today.  The Essex District Attorney's Office is committed to keeping victims safe and holding batterers accountable.

    You will find information here about domestic violence, restraining orders and safety plans.  If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, please learn all you can about domestic violence and reach out for help.

  • Child Abuse

    Protecting children from abuse and holding abusers accountable under the law is of the utmost importance in the Essex District Attorney's Office.  We offer training to mandated reporters of abuse, conduct timely and victim-sensitive investigations of abuse allegations and, when appropriate, prosecute abusers.
  • Disabled Persons Abuse

    The Essex District Attorney's Office is committed to ensuring that crimes against persons with disabilities are thoroughly investigated and when possible, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Resources for Crime and Abuse Victims

    Additional state agencies that provide services to victims of crime and abuse