The Essex County Child Fatality Review Team has, as its primary focus, the review of child deaths in Essex County for the purpose of coming to a collective understanding of deaths and injuries that may have been preventable. The team promotes interagency collaboration among key agencies that respond to child deaths and through this collaboration is better equipped to understand the causes and incidence of child deaths in Essex County. More importantly this interagency collaboration affords a comprehensive development of recommendations to the Massachusetts State Child Fatality Team with the goal of effective policy development, legislative action and improved agency practices in the overall prevention of child deaths within the State.

The Essex County Child Fatality Review Team membership is legislated through Massachusetts General Law Chapter 38 Section 2A. The team, chaired by the District Attorney, has representation from Law Enforcement, the Medical Examiners Office, the Department of Children and Families, local pediatricians and child psychiatry, the Department of Public Health, Juvenile Court, Massachusett's SIDS Center, and other members invited depending on the nature of the cases being reviewed. The Essex Team meets quarterly.