• Youth Academy

    The mission of the Essex County Sheriff's Department "Leadership" Academy is to bring together youths ages 12-15 from throughout Essex County to a safe environment that supports personal growth, appropriate risk taking, decision making and leadership development.  

    A TRIAD is a partnership which involves Senior Citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies (Sheriff / Police / District Attorney) and Support / Protective Services (Councils on Aging / Elder Services / Clergy, etc.) who agree to work together.
  • Information Sharing Network

    The Essex County Sheriff's Department serves as the hub of a computerized network that enables all of the county's police departments to exchange information on criminal offenders. This technology enables the different branches of the law enforcement community to obtain the information they need to catch offenders at breakneck speed.
  • K-9 Division

    The Essex County Sheriff's Department K-9 Division consists of 18 teams with wide-ranging duties.
  • Anti-Graffiti Truck

    Housed at the Correctional Alternative Center in Lawrence, the anti-graffiti truck is part of that facility's community service program.