The Essex County Sheriff's Department serves as the hub of a computerized network that enables all of the county's police departments to exchange information on criminal offenders. This technology enables the different branches of the law enforcement community to obtain the information they need to catch offenders at breakneck speed.

Essex County Sheriff's Department Facial Recognition Technology

This innovative law enforcement technology project provides bio-metric facial recognition technology to local police departments, as well as other state and federal law enforcement agencies that request it.

Using specially designed facial recognition software, investigators have the ability to match images of unknown/uncooperative suspects against the ECSD booking ("mug shot") database comprised of 50,000 images. With this technology investigators have the ability to identify and verify suspects' identities based on unique facial characteristics rather than relying on information derived verbally from the suspect. By utilizing this technology investigations can become more accurate, successful and considerably less time consuming.

This multi-jurisdictional information- sharing project provides law enforcement the tools they need to investigate, respond to and prevent crime.