• History

    Lawrence Jail
    Three hundred and nine years. That is how long the members of the Essex County Sheriff's Department have been serving the public safety needs of the residents of the 34 cities and towns that comprise the region.
  • Essex County Correctional Facility

  • Community Corrections Centers

    The Essex County Sheriff's Department was one of the first law enforcement agencies in the state to embrace the concept of community corrections centers.
  • Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center

    Lawrence CAC
    The Essex County Sheriff's Department gained operational control of the Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center in April, 1976. The facility sits on 13 acres bordered by the Merrimack River and interstate 495. Seven of the 13 acres are used to grow fresh produce that is harvested to feed the male and female offenders incarcerated at Middleton, Lawrence and Salisbury.
  • Women in Transition Center

    The Essex County Sheriff's Department's Women In Transition Facility opened on January 8, 2001. Located in Salisbury, this pre-release / facility serves 24 women with drug and alcohol addictions. The facility has recently expanded to placing 14 women out on the Electronic Monitoring Program. The women placed are non-violent offenders with minimum criminal history. Prior to its opening, there was no such facility for women offenders in the county.
  • Secure Alternative Lockup Program

    ECSD Secure Alternative Lockup Program is designed to relieve police departments of the burden of caring for alleged juvenile delinquents during non-court hours, thereby ensuring that no juvenile will be detained in a police lockup for longer than the federally mandated six-hour time limit.
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