• Alternatives to Domestic Violence and Abuse (ATV)

    Offenders volunteer or are assigned to this 120-bed treatment/housing unit during classification. The program is designed for men and women batterers and focuses on ending that behavior.
  • Anger Management

    This is an 8-week course that meets once a week for 90 minutes. Offenders are required to describe their violent and angry behavior, recognize the triggers and sources of the outbursts, and monitor daily anger levels and responses.
  • Augustine

    About 10 percent of the population at the Middleton House of Correction are incarcerated because they committed a crime of a sexual nature.
  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling

    Individual and group counseling sessions are provided to offenders who elect to participate in this program. Treatment focuses on offenders addressing the issues that led to their abuse of drugs and alcohol.

    This program provides services for the offender living with HIV.
  • Life Skills/Pre-Release

    This program runs twice a week for eight weeks. There are 20 offenders per class. It provides offenders with the skills they need to interact with employers.
  • TRAC

    The Essex County Sheriffs Department prides itself on offering a wide variety of programs to prepare inmates for life after their incarceration. The most highly attended program is the Treatment and Recovery from Addictions in Corrections program (TRAC).