Offenders volunteer or are assigned to this 120-bed treatment/housing unit during classification. The program is designed for men and women batterers and focuses on ending that behavior.

Once participants acknowledge their violent tendencies, they are expected to confront the attitudes and beliefs that interfere with change. They must then remain free of violence.

The program lasts for 5-7 months. Participants attend 80 hours of domestic violence counseling. Instruction is based on the Duluth Model, a manual for facilitators of batterers' intervention groups.

Phase One of the program is the Beginner's Group. This consists of 16 hours of education and lasts four weeks. It includes three hours of violence intervention and education and one hour a week of substance-abuse education.

Phase Two is the Ongoing Group. This consists of 16 weeks of education, four hours per week. One hour of substance abuse education is also provided.

ATV served 1,440 offenders in the last year.