About 10 percent of the population at the Middleton House of Correction are incarcerated because they committed a crime of a sexual nature.

Offenders choose to participate in this program or are mandated by the court.

Sentenced offenders attend two group-counseling sessions per week. Each group lasts two hours and focuses on relapse prevention and behavior modification. Individual counseling is available to those who are interested. Pre-trial offenders not eligible for group treatment can request individual counseling.

The curriculum uses the workbook "Facing the Shadows," by Barbara K. Schwartz, PhD., and Gregory M.S. Canfield, MSW.

Issues addressed by the inmates and their counselors include: deviance; your physical self in recovery; your cognitive self in recovery; your feelings in recovery; your spirituality and recovery; looking at families; and planning for your recovery.

Augustine serves an average of 30 offenders per month.