The Essex County Sheriffs Department prides itself on offering a wide variety of programs to prepare inmates for life after their incarceration. The most highly attended program is the Treatment and Recovery from Addictions in Corrections program (TRAC).

The philosophy of TRAC is a positive, caring community environment for recovery and behavior change. Members are accountable to others as they help themselves and each other address their addictions. Staff and participants work together to establish and maintain a positive environment. Community members focus on behavioral change, recovery from addictions, and confront attitudes that are destructive to themselves and the life of the program. TRAC is about RESPECT, ACCOUNTABILITY, RECOVERY, SPIRITUALITY and SERVICE.

The TRAC program is an 80-bed substance abuse treatment area where inmates are classified based on their current charge and substance abuse history. It is a community-based program and the inmates are referred to as Community Members.

The program is modeled after a therapeutic community (TC) and is designed for participants to remain on the unit for 4 to 6 months.

Each Community Member attends 4 meetings a day with a variety of curriculum, ranging from the program of AA using steps 1, 2, and 3 in conjunction with groups on the Disease Concept of addiction, relapse prevention and coping skills, are also an integral part of the group program. There are four peer led meetings a week where selected community members (Peer Leaders) lead the discussion and run the group.


In the TRAC Program different components of criminality are addressed. Criminal thinking as well as their substance abuse issues are reviewed and focused on between staff and community members. This is done on a case-by-case basis.

Contacts -

Jason Faro
Asst. Superintendent I
Asst. Director of Programs
978-750-1900 ext 3519

Christopher Peterson
TRAC Program Director
978-750-1900 ext 3452

Kevin Nolan
AA/NA Coordinator
Correctional Counselor
978-750-1900 ext 3535

Mark Arsenault
TRAC Program Coordinator
978-750-1900 ext 3506

Greg Freitas
TRAC Counselor
978-750-1900 ext 3546

Rich Lombardi
TRAC Counselor
978-750-1900 ext 3506

Harry Thomas
TRAC Counselor
978-750-1900 ext 3259