How do I bail an inmate?

All bails require cash, cashiers checks or money orders.  NO personal checks will be accepted. The bail commissioner charges a $40.00 cash fee, in addition to the bail amount. The person providing the bail must be 18 years of age and possess a valid picture identification (drivers license, passport, transitional assistance cards).

Release Procedures - Please read carefully as the bail process has changed.

The Massachusetts Trial Court has made the following changes to the after hour BAIL PROCESS effective April 27, 2015 @4:30 pm for defendants bailed at the Essex County Sheriff’s Department by personnel under the direction of Salem District Court

    Essex County Sheriffs Department "call out times" for after hour bails will be at:

        4:30 pm
        8:30 pm
        12:30 am

Additional "callout times" on weekends and holidays at:

         8:30 am
        12:30 pm

The Essex County Sheriff’s Department will:

  • Accept a defendant without a bail being set
  • Accept a defendant charged with a domestic violence offense during
    the 6 hour mandatory holding period
  • Accept defendants with their "property"