Public Inspection of SFIs

Public Inspection Module Now Open

The Public Inspection Module of the new Statements of Financial Interests (SFI) electronic filing system is now open.  Using the Public Inspection Module, you will be able to view online a list of all individuals required to file an SFI for a selected calendar year (CY), beginning with CY 2015.  You will also be able to search for a specific filer(s) by name or to search for all filers from a particular agency, and to request and obtain SFIs, as explained below. 

SFIs are public records and may be requested by members of the public.  The financial disclosure law provides that an SFI shall be available for public inspection and copying upon written request of any individual.  Such requests must be accompanied by proof of the requesting individual’s identity.  The law further requires the Commission to notify the filer of the name and affiliation, if any, of the individual who has viewed their SFI.  Our system is set up to satisfy these legal requirements.

Certain information such as a filer’s personal email address, primary residence and personal phone number have been redacted (i.e., removed from view) from the SFIs available for public inspection as required by the public records law.  To view a redacted copy of an SFI for any filer(s) beginning with CY 2015, you will be required to register online as a user and provide a picture ID.  To do so, click on the Request a Statement of Financial Interests (SFI) icon below and go to the Register ID tab located on the left side of the screen.  After your registration is accepted, you will receive an email containing a user ID, a temporary password and the link to the Public Inspection Module of the SFI system.  When you login, you will be able to view, print and/or save, a redacted copy of an SFI beginning with CY 2015 for any filer(s) you select.  Any filer(s) you select will receive a notice that you have viewed a copy of their redacted SFI. 

If you are a filer and your redacted SFI is viewed, you will receive notice automatically from the SFI system if you have an email address in the system.  If you do not have an email address in the system, you will receive notice by mail from the Commission.  Beginning with CY 2015, if you filed electronically, you can view the redacted copy of your SFI from your Filer Dashboard.  To do so, enter the SFI system and go to the SFI Filings section located on the left side of your Filer Dashboard.  Click on Completed Filings to view your redacted SFI.

For redacted copies of SFIs for years prior to CY 2015 or for copies of a large number of redacted SFIs, please contact: Robert Milt (Financial Disclosure Administrator and Analyst) at (617) 371-9512 or

SFI Electronic Filing System

CY 2016 SFI Filing

Filers may file a CY 2016 SFI using the Commission’s electronic filing system.  An email with a User ID and a password  is sent to each filer who has a valid and current email address in the system.  Electronic filing instructions and information/updates for filers are available on the Commission’s website and the Filer Dashboard. 

Filers are strongly encouraged to file electronically.  For those who wish to file manually, a printable PDF version of the CY 2016 SFI form is available under SFI Resources..

Filers needing technical assistance with their filing should contact: Robert Milt (Financial Disclosure Administrator and Analyst) at 617-371-9512,; or Tony Webb (Information Technology Specialist) at 617-371-9526,  Filers needing any other type of assistance should contact: Lauren Duca (Legal Division Deputy Chief/SFI) at 617-371-9503,