Warning: Please be advised that information transmitted over the internet is not always secure.  Public employees are advised to email requests for legal advice using their own personal-home computer on a secure network.  Use of a computer provided by an employer or others may not protect your security.  The Commission will not be responsible for any breaches of security that occur during the submission and transmittal of information contained in requests for legal advice submitted by email, which may be obtained by clicking the line below. In addition, please be advised that the Commission will not return any original materials submitted in support of requests for legal advice.

Requesting advice by email is an alternative to calling for advice.  If you decide to request advice by email, you do not need to call as well.

Please click this link to open an email to use for your request for advice. 

Request Advice from the Legal Division


Provide as much detailed, relevant information as possible in your email, including:

a.  Name and address.

b.  Email address.

c.  Telephone number to use for contact.

d.  State, county or municipal agency that you currently serve.

e.  All of your current public position(s).

f.  The public agency or agencies by which you are employed or which you otherwise serve.

g.  Are your current public position(s) elected?

h.  Are you interested in serving a state, county or municipal agency?  If so, identify the agency, the position and if it is appoint or elected.

i.  Are you seeking advice because you used to serve a state, county or municipal agency?  If so, identify the agency, the position you held and when you left that position.

j.  The reason(s) why you are requesting advice.

k.  Does your request concern actions which you have not yet taken or is it about past actions?

l.  Does your request concern yourself or someone else?  If someone else, has that person asked you or otherwise authorized you seek Commission advice?

m.  The specific question or questions you wish to have answered.

n.  Do you want to receive advice by email or by telephone?  If you want advice by telephone, may we leave a voice mail message stating that the call is from the State Ethics Commission?

o.  Do you need advice prior to a scheduled meeting or other definite scheduled event?  If so, what is the date of the event?  (We will do our best to provide advice prior to the event).


If you do not receive an automatic response acknowledging receipt of your email request for advice, please call (617) 371-9500 to follow up, and tell the receptionist when you sent the email request.


Please note that telephone advice provided by the Commission's Legal Division is binding and carries the same weight as a written opinion.  An attorney from the Legal Division will return your call as soon as possible within 1 business day.  If you indicate that the matter requires an urgent response because it is a time-sensitive issue, such as you need to get advice on the issue before you attend a meeting that evening, the attorney will return your call that same day if possible.  

Please note that it generally takes 30 business days for the Commission's Legal Division to respond to a request for advice in writing.