The Statement of Financial Interest is due on or before May 1 st for Appointed Officials or on or before the last Tuesday in May for Elected Officials. Penalties begin to accrue, however, once 10 days elapse from the filer's receipt of the Formal Notice of Lateness, which notice is generally sent to the filer within three to four days after the original due date.

Penalty Schedule

1-10 days late


11-20 days late


21-30 days late


31-40 days late


41-50 days late


51-60 days late


61-70 days late


71-80 days late


81-90 days late


91-100 days late


101- 110 days late


111-120 days late


121days to the day before the Order to Show Cause is issued


Upon issuance of an Order to Show Cause (In or about the third week in September for appointed officials or the third week in October for elected officials)


Decision and Order by the Commission

Up to $10,000