• Galewski, Robert, Docket No. 405

    Braintree Assistant Building Inspector Robert Galewski fined $1,250 for attempting to use his position as an inspector to persuade the developer of a luxury subdivision to sell him property in the development at a price "that he could afford."

  • Galewski, Robert, Docket No. 07-0019

    Braintree Building Inspector fined $4,000 and forfeited $1,500 for using subordinates and a vendor to do private work for him.
  • Garvey, Robert Docket No. 392

    Hampshire County Sheriff cited for conflict of interest law violations in using jail employees to perform maintenance projects on his private home and vacation property. 

  • Gaskins, Mable E., Docket No. 623

    Lawrence School Superintendent Mae Gaskins violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 and section 23(b)(3) for hiring and approving payments to her sister and by signing a contract and approving payments to a person with whom she shared an apartment.
  • Gaudette, Paul, Docket No. 459

    Dracut Building Inspector Paul Gaudette violated G.L. c. 268A, section 23(b)(3) by accepting the rent-free use of a vacation home from a private developer.
  • Gaudette, Paul, Docket No. 599

    Dracut Building Inspector Paul Gaudette fined $2,000 for issuing permits for his own property and for participating in matters affecting a company which loaned him money to buy the property.
  • Glodis, Guy Docket No. 12-0008

    Ethics Commission Decision and Order finds that the Enforcement Division did not prove by a preponderance of the evidence that former Worcester County Sheriff Guy W. Glodis used his position as Sheriff to intervene to allow an ineligible inmate to be placed on work release as a favor to a friend and campaign supporter.

  • Gorski, Elizabeth Docket No. 13-0005

    The State Ethics Commission issued a Decision and Order following a public hearing regarding allegations that Elizabeth Gorski, a Selectman in Groveland, violated the conflict of interest law by taking certain actions after Chief of Police Robert Kirmelewicz placed her son, a Groveland Police officer, on administrative leave.   In its Decision, the Commission found that Gorski committed a single violation of section 23(b)(2)(ii) of the conflict of interest law by, on one occasion, threatening negative employment action against the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police, but that the Commission’s Enforcement Division failed to prove any of its other claims against Gorski.   

  • Gorski, Elizabeth Order on Motion to Dismiss Docket No. 13-0005

    The State Ethics Commission's Order on the Motion to Dismiss in a case involving Groveland Selectman Elizabeth Gorski; the Enforcement Division committed "egregious" error.

  • Gosselin, Marie, PEL

    The Commission found reasonable cause to believe Lawrence City Councilor Marie Gosselin violated the code of conduct section of M.G.L. c. 268A, the state's conflict of interest law, by asking the Department of Public Works to remove construction debris from her rental property instead of paying a private contractor to do so. The Commission concluded its review with the issuance of a Public Enforcement Letter.
  • Greeley, John E., Docket No. 194

    Respondent was found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19. While employed as a consultant by the City of Leominster in connection with a wastewater treatment plant construction project, Respondent participated as a municipal employee in particular matters in which his business partner, a sole officer, director and stockholder of UTS of Massachusetts, Inc. had a financial interest.
  • Green, Frank, Docket No. 510

    A former building inspector found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 for issuing nine building permits for projects where he had been hired to perform the construction work.
  • Guertin, David, Docket No. 07-0006

    Provincetown DPW Director David Guertin fined $1,000 and forfeited $1,000 for using his official position to receive free dockage from the developer of MacMillan Wharf.
  • Haluch, Thomas, Docket No. 701

    Ludlow DPW Chairman violated 23(b)(2) when he used his position for an unwarranted privilege
  • Hamel, Terese A., Docket No. 06-0003

    Former Chicopee assistant treasurer fined $5,000 for repeatedly allowing herself, family, friends and co-workers to cash checks at the treasurer's office without her immediately depositing the checks, and to take cash from the treasurer's office.
  • Hamilton, Andrew, Docket No. 06-0006

    Former Wendell Board of Health member Andrew Hamilton fined $2,000 for using his position to sell water filtration systems to residents after a water well failed to meet certain requirements.
  • Hanna, Frederick, Docket No. 119

    A State Inspector's ownership of two private enterprises which did business with businesses regulated by the Division of Food and Drug.
  • Hanna, Robert, Docket No. 660

    The Commission issued a Disposition Agreement in which Brimfield Highway Surveyor Robert Hanna admitted violating the conflict law by his actions in attempting to award Brimfield's 2002 winter sand contract to Hitchcock Contracting of Charlton, a company that had failed to submit a bid.
  • Hart, William, Docket No. 407

    Metropolitan District Commission Deputy Director of Recreation William Hart fined $1500 for directing the recalculation of vacation time for MDC employees including his mother, and for interceding in an employee transfer that resulted in a supervisor with whom his mother had a history of conflicts being transferred to another facility.

  • Hartford, Lynwood, Docket No. 393

    Former Freetown Building Inspector and Health Agent Lynwood "Butch" Hartford fined $1,000 for violating the Conflict of Interest law by securing a $2,000 "finder's fee" in a property transaction with a developer over whom Hartford had official dealings.

  • Hartnett, James J., PEL

    Public Education Letter issued regarding violations of G.L. c. 268A, sections 3 and 23(b)(2).
  • Hartnett, James J., Docket No. 671

    Retired State Personnel Administrator James J. Hartnett, Jr. admitted violating G.L. c. 268A, section 23 and 268B, section 7.
  • Harutunian, Harry K., Docket No. 06-0016

    Former North Andover School Superintendent Harry Harutunian fined $6,000 for improperly creating a part-time custodial job for his girlfriend's son, for directing school custodians to transport the son to and from work, and covering up his actions to create the job.
  • Hayes, Kevin, Docket No. 598

    Spencer Selectman Kevin Hayes fined $1,000 for using his position in an attempt to avoid arrest or the issuance of a traffic citation against him.
  • Hebert, Raymond Docket No. 499

    Norton Building Inspector Raymond Hebert violated sections 3(b) and 23(b)(3) by receiving free construction services, a builder's discount on appliances and for acting in matters involving the builders who were constructing his home, without making appropriate disclosures.
  • Higgins, Jr., Edward, Docket No. 06-0024

    Lynn Fire Chief Edward Higgins fined $3,000 for promoting, supervising and approving overtime for his girlfriend, who later became his spouse.
  • Highgas, William, Jr., Docket No. 343

    The Ethics Commission denied a judge's request to dismiss a case against him. found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 20.
  • Hilson, Arthur L. Docket No. 451

    UMass-Amherst Director of Public Safety Arthur L. Hilson violated sections 3 and 23 by soliciting a loan from a subordinate and failing to repay it.
  • Honan, Kevin Docket No. 494

    A state representative found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 3(b) and section 23(b)(3) for accepting gratuities and accepting a dinner for himself and a guest from lobbyists.
  • Hyde, Stephen Sr. Docket No. 13-0010

    The State Ethics Commission issued a Decision and Order (“Decision”) finding that former Southampton Fire Department Chief Stephen Hyde, Sr. violated sections 23(b)(2)(ii) and 23(b)(4) of G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law, by altering duty records to credit his son, an SFD call firefighter, for work his son did not perform, and by submitting those false records to the Town of Southampton for payment to his son in 2011. 

  • Inostroza, Albert, Docket No. 07-0024

    Lawrence Police Officer Albert Inostroza violated G.L. c. 268A, 23(b)(2) for using his position by not reporting right away that he had taken into custody an unlicensed firearm from a friends house.
  • Jacques, Cheryl Docket No. 12-0002

    The Massachusetts State Ethics Commission today issued a Decision and Order in which it found that the Commission’s Enforcement Division failed to prove by a preponderance of the evidence its allegation that Cheryl Jacques, an administrative law judge for the Department of Industrial Accidents, attempted to use her official position to demand that a dental office write off a debt of more than $1,000 incurred by her brother-in-law. 

  • Jefferson, Wormser Docket No. 09-0008

    Decision and Order regarding the violation of 268A Sections 23(b)(2) and 23 (b)(3). A public employees use of position to gain private benefits. Specifically a school committee member who is the parent of a special needs student sought reimbursement of private school tuition by deviating from the usual procedure for receiving such reimbursements.
  • Jenkins, John, Docket No. 06-0020

    Former West Barnstable Fire District Chief John Jenkins fined $2,000 for participating as fire chief in the bid process for a fire truck refurbishment where the contract was awarded to a local company that represented Wisconsin based Pierce Manufacturing, which also employed Jenkins as a sales representative.
  • Joseph, Mark Docket No. 12-0015

    A former Norwood School Committee Chairman violated G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law, by having school employees transport surplus cafeteria equipment to his privately owned restaurant.

  • Joy, Thomas, Docket No. 265

    A local chief building inspector admitted he violated G.L. c. 268A by giving his subordinate and the public reasonable basis for the impression that the subordinate might unduly enjoy his favor in his performance as chief building inspector. According to the Agreement, the chief and his subordinate entered into and later equally shared the profits of two private real estate transactions, even though the subordinate alone made the down payments for both ventures and secured the financing for them based on his own credit worthiness. At or about the same time, the subordinate also made a no-interest loan of $2,000 to his superior. All of these financial transactions occurred at a time when, or just prior to, the chief's inspection of his subordinate's private work. In connection with the settlement, the chief building inspector paid a civil penalty of $1,250.
  • Joyce, Kevin, Docket No. 717

    Boston Inspectional Services Commissioner violated 23(b)(2) by trying to defy public bidding process for jobs.
  • Judd, John Docket No. 11-0016

    Goshen Board of Selectmen member John Judd violated the conflict of interest law, when he tried to use his position to gain something for a family member.
  • Kellaher, Gary Docket No. 15-0003

    Rutland Department of Public Works (“DPW”) Superintendent Gary Kellaher admitted to violating G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law, by hiring his son into a seasonal DPW position without posting the position.  Pursuant to the Agreement, Kellaher paid a $2,500 civil penalty

  • Kelleher, Michael, Docket No. 683

    Saugus Selectman Michael Kelleher fined $2,000 for using his position to contact Saugus Police Chief Edward Felix after being stopped by police officers who suspected that Kelleher may have been intoxicated.
  • Kennedy, Jr., Edward J., Docket No. 520

    A superintendent of schools found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 for participating in his daughter's hiring as a substitute teacher.
  • Kenney, Richard, Docket No. 711

    Kingston BOS member violated 23(b)(3) by asking for an unwarranted privilege to change a ticket to a warning.
  • Keverian, George Docket No. 385

    Massachusetts Speaker of the House George Keverian violated the conflict of interest law by engaging members of the House maintenance staff to perform substantial renovations on his home, and by participating in a number of private transactions with a rug vendor who had done significant business with the House. 

  • Kominsky, Robert, Docket No. 681

    West Bridgewater Police Chief Robert Kominsky fined $1,000 for asking subordinates to perform personal errands.
  • Killion, Sylvia, Docket No. 591

    Department of Mental Health Southeastern Area Management Information System Director Sylvia Killion fined $2,000 for using her position to obtain compensation for overtime and flex-time that she did not work.
  • Kinsella, Kevin B., Docket No. 524

    Ethics Commission Decision and Order that Scituate Selectman Kevin Kinsella did not violate G.L. c. 268A by contacting the police chief to obtain his son's release after an arrest.
  • Koval, Joanne, Docket No. 511

    A former selectman found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 23(b)(3) by implicitly threatening the owner of a pub, a business she regulated in her official capacity as a member of the board of selectmen, which also serves as the town's licensing authority.
  • Kulian, Jacob, Docket No. 721

    Middleborough Assessor, Jacob Kulian admitted to violating the conflict of interest law by taking actions that reduced his property taxes. Kulian paid an $8,000 fine and reimbursed the town of Middleborough $2,215 for property tax abatements and reductions he was not entitled to receive.
  • Lahiff, Daniel Docket No. 12-0003

    Lowell Regional Water Utility Executive Director Daniel Lahiff admitted to violating G.L. c.268A, by using public resources, including public equipment and the time and services of public employees, for personal purposes.

  • Lannon, William C., Docket No. 277

    The former superintendent violated section 23(b)(3) by borrowing money from two employees subject to his official authority. He again violated section 23(b)(3) when he recommended that the school committee grant a sabbatical to one of the employees to whom he was indebted..
  • Laumann, Brian, Docket No., 10-0001

    The Ethics Commission approved a Disposition Agreement on December 18, 2009, in which Norfolk County Sheriff's Office Correction Officer Brian Laumann ("Laumann") admitted to violating Sections 23(b)(2) and 23(b)(3) of G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law. Laumann agreed to pay a $6,000 civil penalty.
  • Lemire, June, Docket No. 666

    Southbridge Housing Authority ("SHA") Executive Director June Lemire admitted violating the conflict law by recommending that her boyfriend, George DiBonaventura, be hired as part-time clerk of the works for a SHA renovations project.
  • LeMoine, Eugene, Docket No. 640

    Southampton Police Chief Eugene LaMoine paid a $2,000 civil penalty and a $605 reimbursement to the town in connection with selling sweatshirts to police officers that were purchased by the town.
  • Ligonde, Eril Docket No. 11-06

    Middlesex Sheriff's Department Corrections Officer Captain Eril Ligonde admitted to violating section 23 by using public resources in connection with a political fundraiser for the Sheriff.
  • Lincoln, Charles

    Commission dismissed adjudicatory matter involving Brockton Police Lieutenant and Plymouth County Correctional Facility Director of Security Charles Lincoln and determined that his calling in sick to one public job to work at the other public job did not amount to a use of one's official position.
  • Lisauskas, Stephen, Docket No. 10-0012

    The Commission approved a Disposition Agreement finding that Lisauskas violated G.L. c. 268A, sections 23(b)(2) and 23(b)(3).
  • Logan, Louis L. Docket No. 131

    Certified Public Accountant who provided private accounting services and was also employed by the Mass. Science & Technology Foundation was found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, sections 3(b), 4(a), 23(e) and (f), and G.L. c. 268B, section 7.
  • Longo, Kendell, Docket No. 667

    Rowley Board of Health Secretary Kendell Longo fined $4,000 for signing permits for her brother's property.
  • Look, Christopher S., Jr., Docket No. 423

    Dukes County Sheriff Christopher S. Look, Jr., paid a $1,000 civil penalty for violating section 23(b)(3) of the conflict of interest law by reappointing three members of his immediate family to deputy-sheriff positions within his department.

  • Lozzi, Vincent J. Docket No. 381

    State Representative Vincent J. Lozzi fined $2,000 for violating the conflict of interest law, after submitting requests for and receiving reimbursement for personal travel to San Francisco.

  • Lunny, David M., Docket No. 06-0007

    Mendon-Upton Regional School District employee David M. Lunny fined $2,500 for improperly soliciting services from employees of a private architectural firm, which served as the architect for the construction of a school in the town.
  • Lussier, Thomas, Docket No. 661

    Massachusetts Teachers Retirement Board (MTRB) Executive Director Thomas Lussier admitted violating G.L. c. 268A, the state's conflict of interest law, and agreed to pay a $5,000 civil penalty to resolve allegations that he improperly used a MTRB corporate credit card for personal purchases.
  • Lynch, William, Docket No. 07-0022

    Massport Business Analyst Manager William Lynch fined $7,000 for operating his tax preparation business out of his Massport office.