• Saccone, John P. and DelPrete, Edmund W., Docket No. 132

    Massachusetts Department of Public Safety Senior Civil Engineer did not violate sections 2(b), 3(b), 23(e) and 23(f) of the conflict of interest law, but did violate section 23(d), and was ordered to pay a $1,500 civil penalty.  The President of North River Nursing Home, Inc., Edmund DelPrete was accused of violating sections 2(a) and 3(a). The Commission found that neither of the respondents had violated sections 2 or 3.
  • Saksa, Mary Jane Docket No. 679

    Worcester County Sheriff's Office Director of Substance Abuse Programs Mary Jane Saksa fined $1,000 and forfeited $1,320 for soliciting subordinates to buy long distance telephone services and/or to become a sales representative for the private company offering the services.
  • Sanna, Jr., John Docket No. 692

    Water District Commissioner violated 23(b)(2) by borrowing town equipment and not returning it until it was reported missing.
  • Sansone, Casper Charles Docket No. 566

    Monument Mountain Regional High School Guidance Counselor Casper Charles Sansone fined $2,000 for altering the grades for his daughter and another student.
  • Scaccia, Angelo M. Docket No. 529

    Ethics Commission Decision and Order fining State Representative Angelo Scaccia $3,000 for accepting gratuities from lobbyists with interests in legislative business.
  • Schumm, Marge Docket No. 658

    Norton Housing Authority Executive Director Marge Schumm paid a $2,000 civil penalty for violating section 23 by participating in hiring her daughter's boyfriend as a maintenance mechanic.
  • Scola, Robert N. Docket No. 212

    A district court judge violated the Standards of Conduct set out in section 23 of G.L. c. 268A by assigning defendants who appeared before him to a program given by a corporation employing his daughter.
  • Shalsi, Ralph Docket No. 614

    A 911 emergency service director found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, s. 23(b)(3) for soliciting and receiving loans from a subordinate.
  • Shane, Christine Docket No. 205

    The Director of the Office of Staff Training, Manpower Planning and Development for the Department of Mental Health violated the Standards of Conduct contained in the conflict of interest law by improperly accepting an honorarium for work performed while also being paid by the Commonwealth.
  • Sharrio, Daniel Docket No. 168

    The deputy director of a municipal housing authority violated the Standards of Conduct in section 23(d) of Chapter 268A by using his official position to secure discounts, tax exemptions, credit purchases and goods for his personal use.
  • Shiraka, Stephen V. Docket No.696

    Old Rochester School District Facilities Manager violated 23(b)(3) by failing to file a written disclosure in advance of additional outside employment.
  • Silva, Jr., John L. Docket No. 09-0004

    Former East Bridgewater Police Chief John Silva, Jr. fined $5,000 for involving himself in disciplinary matters involving his police officer son.
  • Silva, Steven Docket No. 716

    DOC superintendent violated 23(b)(2) by receiving an unwarranted privilege of DOC employee cutting his hair at his home.
  • Silvia, Richard Public Education Letter

    Public Education Letter: Municipal Employment; Summer Jobs; Voting on Immediate Family

  • Simard, George Public Enforcement Letter 90-8

    The Commission finds reasonable cause to believe Brookline Police Chief George Simard violated the Conflict of Interest Law by distributing complimentary tickets to the 1988 U.S. Open at The Country Club of Brookline, without first determining whether the recipients would provide public-safety services during the golf tournament. 

  • Singleton, Richard Docket No. 391

    Former Tyngsborough Fire Chief fined $1,000 for telling the foreman of a local development that the Fire Department inspections on the project could take forever, as the foreman was deciding to award a contract for drywall construction on which the chief's son had bid.

  • Smith, Jr., Arthur R. Docket No. 522

    The Commission dismissed an adjudicatory matter involving Wilmington Water and Sewer Commission Chairman Arthur R. Smith, Jr., due to Smith's inability to consult with his lawyer or understand the proceedings against him.
  • Smith, Bernard J., Docket No. 130

    Department of Public Health Nurse Recruiter Bernard Smith violated sections 4, 6 and 23 of the conflict of interest law by being paid by a private company as a nurse recruiter at the same time he was working as a nurse recruiter for DPH, and also by, on behalf of DPH, contracting with the private company to rent space at job fairs where he was also working for the private company.
  • Smith, James H. Docket No. 425

    James H. Smith, a former member of the Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority, fined $4,000 for participating in a land acquisition that substantially benefited a business of which Smith was an officer and director. 

  • Smith, Jean-Marie Docket No., 10-0010

    Hanson Council on Aging Director of Elder Affairs Jean-Marie Smith admitted to violating G.L. c. 268A, s. 23(b)(2) for using her position to obtain an unwarranted privilege of substantial value.
  • Smith, Lincoln Docket No. 07-0017

    Commission issues Decision and Order fining Boston City Council Assistant Research Director Lincoln Smith $1,000 for using his official position and affiliation with the city council in connection with a vehicle damage claim against a private garage operator.
  • Sommer, Donald Docket No. 266

    A regional special education director for the state Department of Education acknowledged he violated sections 4(c) and 23(12)(3) of G.L. c. 268A in connection with the establishment of a special education school.
  • Spencer, Manuel F. Docket No. 262

    Sewer Inspector with the Town of Barnstable Department of Public Works found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, sections 23(par 2)(2) and (3) in connection with the installation of a new sewer main.
  • Stanley, Cheryl Docket No. 06-0028

    Former Springfield License Commission member Cheryl Stanley fined $2,000 for receiving gift certificates from the owner of Kappy's Liquors in Springfield.
  • Stevenson, Mark Docket No. 15-0008

    The Commission approved a Disposition Agreement in which Mark Stevenson, the former Chairman of the Town of Marshfield Conservation Commission, admitted to violating the conflict of interest law.  Pursuant to the Agreement, Stevenson paid a $2,500 civil penalty for violating two sections of the law.

  • Sullivan, John P. Docket No. 590

    Department of Mental Health Southeastern Area Director John Sullivan fined $500 for authorizing an employee with whom he had a personal relationship to receive compensation for overtime and flex-time that the employee did not work, and for authorizing a disproportionally higher amount of overtime and flex-time for this employee.
  • Sullivan, J. Nicholas Docket No. 603

    Newburyport District Court Clerk Magistrate Nicholas Sullivan fined $3,000 for fixing traffic tickets issued to family members of Chief of Probation Ronald D'Arcangelo.
  • Sutter, C. Samuel Docket No. 581

    Bristol County Assistant District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter admitted to violating section 23(b)(3) by participating in a matter involving a law firm with which he was consulting regarding a personal legal matter.
  • Sweeney, Michael J. Docket No. 592

    Blackstone Fire Chief Michael Sweeney fined $1,000 for participating in a contract awarded to a company owned by a his brother-in-law firefighter and Sweeney's sister.
  • Swift, Jane M. Docket No. 608

    Lieutenant Governor Jane Swift fined $1,250 for receiving free babysitting services from subordinates.
  • Tevald, Joseph S. Docket No. 634

    Newbury Selectman Joseph Tevald violated section 23(b)(3) for issuing permits to install septic systems, conducting the vast majority of inspections of those systems and by issuing compliance certificates during the period that he was a tenant in a house owned by the company.
  • Thomas, Cathie Docket No. 594

    Hampden Court Clerk Cathie Thomas fined $2,000 for exploiting her position to obtain confidential CORI information on the campaign opponent running against her uncle for a seat on the Hampden County Commission, which information was then given to the media.
  • Tocco, Michael Docket No. 11-0010

    A Division of Professional Licensure, Board of Registration in Pharmacy member violated the conflict of interest law by discussing a matter still pending before the board with those named in the matter.
  • In the Matter of Steven Tompkins

    The  Commission approved a Disposition Agreement in which Steven Tompkins, the Suffolk County Sheriff, admitted to violating the conflict of interest law in 2013 by identifying himself as Sheriff when asking eight business owners in his district to take down his opponent’s campaign signs that were displayed in their shops.  Tompkins paid a $2,500 civil penalty for the violation.

  • Trant, Scott Docket No. 06-0017

    Somerville Police Officer Scott Trant fined $10,000 and required to reimburse $600 for attempting to purchase property from a person seeking police assistance in connection with the property.
  • Travis, Philip Docket No. 619

    A state representative found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, s. 23(b)(2) for improperly soliciting charitable donations from several banks at the same time he was chairman of the Joint Committee on Banks and Banking.
  • Triplett, James B. Docket No. 515

    Ethics Commission Decision and Order found that Oxford Police Chief James Triplett did not violate section 23 by ordering the release without bail and then delaying the initiation of a criminal complaint involving the arrest of the daughter of a former Oxford Police Officer.
  • Trodella, Vito Docket No. 382

    Vito Trodella, a member of the Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine, fined $500 for requesting and receiving free season passes and premium parking to the Suffolk Downs Racetrack, which employs veterinarians licensed by the board.

  • Turner, Joseph Docket No. 10-0018

    According to the Decision, Turner violated the conflict of interest law by, as Division Foreman, selling four cemetery plots to his parents, and by using his Division Foreman position to secure the plots for his parents in violation of Town policy restricting sales for immediate need, and just before a price increase was to go into effect.
  • Van Tassel, Gary Docket No. 06-0027

    Springfield License Commission member Gary Van Tassel fined $500 for receiving gift certificates from the owner and manager of Kappy's Liquors in Springfield.
  • Vincent, Mark Docket No. 07-0029

    Wellfleet DPW Director violated G.L. c.268A , s. 23(b)(2) when he allowed a subordinate to borrow town equipment for personal use.
  • Wallen, Frank, Docket No. 246 and Cardelli, John, Docket No. 247

    Brockton Department of Public Works Commissioner Frank Wallen violated section 23 by accepting $8,500 from Charm Construction Company owner John Cardelli at a time when Charm had contracts and other business dealings with the DPW.  The Decision and Order found no violation of section 3 by either Wallen or Cardelli.
  • Walsh, David I. Docket No. 188

    A municipal water commissioner violated the conflict law by accepting payment from the town for three private construction jobs, by approving two of the payments, and by billing the town for tires purchased for his personal use.
  • Walsh, Thomas P. Docket 491

    A state representative found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 3(b) and section 23(b)(3) for accepting gratuities and a dinner for himself and his wife from lobbyists.
  • Weissman, Mark Docket No. 08-0019

    State Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission member Mark Weissman fined $2,500 for participating in matters affecting a private client and for being compensated by that client for work in connection with matters in which he participated as a state employee.
  • Welch, III, Alfred Docket No. 258

    The chairman of a local zoning board of appeals admitted he violated one of the standards of conduct set forth in section 23 of the conflict law when he gave reasonable basis for the impression that he could be unduly influenced in the performance of official duties. In particular, while the chairman was negotiating to enter into a private contract to do flooring work for a local developer, the developer had matters scheduled to come up for board consideration.
  • Wettlaufer et al Public Education Letter

    The Commission issued a public education letter to Town of Holland Selectmen James Wettlaufer, Michael Kennedy, Christian Petersen and Lynn Arnold to resolve allegations that they violated section 23(b)(2)(ii) by authorizing the expenditure of town funds to pay the legal expenses for a private lawsuit brought by  Town Highway Surveyor Brian Johnson.  The letter also resolves allegations that Johnson violated section 23(b)(2)(i) by accepting the payment of legal fees for his private lawsuit. 

  • Whalen, Donald Public Education Letter

    The Commission finds reasonable cause to believe that Wellesley Police Lt. Donald Whalen interceded to try to "fix" a traffic ticket for the daughter of a personal friend.

  • Wheeler, Edward Docket No. 11-0012

    First Assistant Register Edward Wheeler admitted to violating the conflict of interest law, by using Registry equipment and work time to conduct his private law practice.
  • Wheeler, Richard Docket Number 09-0011

    Barre Department of Public Works Superintendent, Richard Wheeler admitted to violating the conflict of interest law, G.L. c. 268A, by attempting to use his official position to secure for himself an unwarranted privilege of substantial value and by participating in his official capacity in a matter in which he had a financial interest.
  • White, Kevin H. Public Education Letter

    Public compliance letter issued regarding Mayor White's violation of G.L. c. 268A, sections 23(d) and (e).
  • White, W. Paul Public Education Letter

    State Senator Paul White violated section 23(b)(3) for accepting about $3,000 in meals and beverages from a lobbyist while he served as a member of the Council of State Governments Conference Executive Committee.
  • Wilkerson, Dianne Docket No. 639

    State Senator Dianne Wilkerson violated G.L. c. 268A, s. 23(b)(3) for advocating as a state senator that the Boston Bank of Commerce, with which she had a contact to solicit private-sector deposits.
  • Willauer, William Docket No. 11-0019

    The Ethics Commission approved a Disposition Agreement in which a Nantucket Board of Selectmen member admitted to violating G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law, on several occasions by voting to award contracts to the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention and to the Family & Children’s Services of Nantucket County, Inc., doing business as Nantucket Behavioral Health Services, Inc. During the relevant time period, he was a member of the board of directors of ASAP, and he was the President of BHS.
  • Wilson, Robert Docket No. 14-0005

    The State Ethics Commission approved Disposition Agreements in which Leicester Emergency Medical Services Department Executive Director Robert Wilson admitted to violating G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law, for his involvement in providing false records claiming that several Emergency Medical Technicians (“EMTs”) had completed 24 hours of recertification training in 2008. 

  • Winsor, Shawn Docket No. 07-0015

    Lancaster Board of Health member Shawn Winsor fined $5,000 and forfeited $2,700 for awarding a town contract his own company.
  • Jefferson, Wormser Docket No. 09-0008

    Decision and Order regarding the violation of 268A Sections 23(b)(2) and 23 (b)(3). A public employees use of position to gain private benefits. Specifically a school committee member who is the parent of a special needs student sought reimbursement of private school tuition by deviating from the usual procedure for receiving such reimbursements.
  • Wong, Diane Docket No. 664

    The Commission issued a Disposition Agreement in which former MBTA Assistant GM for Organizational Diversity admitted violating the conflict of interest law by awarding a company in which her son-in-law was one of three principals, contracts totaling $40,000.
  • Zeppieri, D. John, Docket No. 378

    Former North Adams License Board Chairman D. John Zeppieri fined $1,000 for violating the conflict of interest law by negotiating a real estate deal with a property owner whose license renewal was being considered for revocation by the board.