• Poley, Philip Docket No. 13-0007

    Former MassHealth Chief Operating Officer Philip Poley pays $25,000 civil penalty for violating conflict of interest law by negotiating for a job with a company while working on a MassHealth/UMass project on which he was soliciting the company's involvement. 

  • Powers, Michael D. Docket No. 396

    The Commission issues a decision and order in the matter of former Boston Police Department attorney Michael D. Powers, ruling the statute of limitations for determining a possible conflict of interest had run out. 

  • Rostkowski, Michael, Docket No. 06-0009

    Former Dept. of Environmental Protection Bureau of Waste Management Analyst Michael Rostkowski paid $10,000 civil penalty for receiving compensation from a private company in connection with a landfill project in which he participated while he was a state employee.