• Sawyer, John, Docket No. 678

    Former Gloucester Electrical Inspector John Sawyer fined $2,000 for inspecting his brother's electrical work.
  • Scaccia, Angelo M. Docket No. 529

    A state representative found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 23(b)(3) and G.L. c. 268B by receiving illegal gratuities for himself and family members, by creating the appearance of conflict related to the gratuities, and by accepting gifts worth more than $100 from lobbyists and by failing to report the gratuities on his financial disclosure forms.
  • Seguin, Roland, Docket No. 464

    A former member of the town tourism committee found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 for purchasing a series of commemorative plates for the town from companies he represented as a salesman, and for receiving commissions on the sales.
  • Seveney, Richard, Docket No. 646

    A former zoning board of appeals member found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 for participating in a zoning board of appeals decision regarding land abutting his property.
  • Sheehan, Robert F. Jr., Docket No. 452

    Granby Board of Health member Robert Sheehan violated section 19 by witnessing percolation tests done by his father's company and witnessing a top soil/sub-soil inspection performed by his employer.
  • Silva, Jr., John L. Docket No. 09-0004

    Former East Bridgewater Police Chief John Silva, Jr. fined $5,000 for involving himself in disciplinary matters involving his police officer son.
  • Silvia, Richard Public Education Letter

    Public Education Letter: Municipal Employment; Summer Jobs; Voting on Immediate Family

  • Smith, Jr., Arthur R. Docket No. 522

    The Commission dismissed an adjudicatory matter involving Wilmington Water and Sewer Commission Chairman Arthur R. Smith, Jr., due to Smith's inability to consult with his lawyer or understand the proceedings against him.
  • Smith, Bernard J., Docket No. 130

    Department of Public Health Nurse Recruiter Bernard Smith violated sections 4, 6 and 23 of the conflict of interest law by being paid by a private company as a nurse recruiter at the same time he was working as a nurse recruiter for DPH, and also by, on behalf of DPH, contracting with the private company to rent space at job fairs where he was also working for the private company.
  • Smith, James H. Docket No. 425

    James H. Smith, a former member of the Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority, fined $4,000 for participating in a land acquisition that substantially benefited a business of which Smith was an officer and director. 

  • Smith, Ross W., Docket No. 542

    Uxbridge Selectman Ross Smith participated in selling a surplus school bus to himself through a straw business.
  • Smith, Russell, Docket No. 473

    A former chair of the board of selectmen found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 for his involvement in a town inquiry into the federal criminal investigation of his brother.
  • Snell, Thomas Docket No. 15-0009

    The Commission approved a Disposition Agreement in which Thomas Snell, a member of the West Bridgewater Zoning Board of Appeals, admitted to violating the conflict of interest law, by participating as a ZBA member in granting variances for two properties while knowing that he had a financial interest in those matters.  Pursuant to the Agreement, Snell paid a $6,500 civil penalty for violating the conflict of interest law.

  • St. John, Robert Docket No. 389

    North Attleboro wiring inspector fined for performing electrical and wiring work through his private company without first obtaining the proper permits.

  • Straight, Matthew, Docket No. 07-0005

    Fitchburg City Councilor Matthew Straight fined $2,000 for participating in License Commission matters on neighborhood bars near property Straight planned to redevelop from rental units into condominiums.
  • Sullivan, Sr., Richard E., Docket No. 276

    The mayor of a small city admitted he violated G. L. c. 268A, section 19 when he appointed his son to a provisional position on the City's police department.
  • Sun, Gang Docket No. 12-0007

    Physics Professor at a UMass-Boston violated section 6 by hiring his wife to work as his research assistant and teaching assistant on numerous occasions without filing the proper disclosure and obtaining authorization from his appointing authority.

  • Tardanico, Guy, Docket No. 449

    A school committee member found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 by participating in school department contract negotiations with the bargaining unit to which he wife belonged.
  • Tarmey, Edmund, Docket No. 07-0012

    Former Lowell Regional Water Utility Executive Director Edmund Tarmey fined $2,500 for certifying contract performance which allowed his brother to collect sales commissions.
  • Thompson, James V., Docket No. 336

    A town counsel found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 17 by representing his private development company before the planning board in a request for a zoning change.
  • Tivnan, Paul X., Docket No. 348

    A county commissioner found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 13 by voting to approve a request to fund promotional changes that affected the financial interests of his children.
  • Traini, Suzanne, Docket No. 691

    BOH member violated section 19 by participating in a matter where she had a financial interest.
  • Tucker, Arthur, Docket No. 369

    A building inspector found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 for participating in his official capacity in a dispute over alleged building code, property subdivision and safety violations involving a house that abutted his own property, and that he had expressed an interest in buying.
  • Turner, Joseph Docket No. 10-0018

    According to the Decision, Turner violated the conflict of interest law by, as Division Foreman, selling four cemetery plots to his parents, and by using his Division Foreman position to secure the plots for his parents in violation of Town policy restricting sales for immediate need, and just before a price increase was to go into effect.
  • Vinton, Barry, Docket No. 651

    A police chief found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 by recommend that his wife be hired as a police department clerk, by recommending that her position be funded and that her hours be increased and by approving warrants for payments to her.
  • Walley, Kenneth, Docket No. 649

    Revere Assistant Electrical Inspector Kenneth Walley entered into a Disposition Agreement in which he paid a $2,500 civil penalty for violating sections 17 (a) and (c) and 19 for performing electrical work in the city and then inspecting the work as Assistant Electrical Inspector.
  • Walsh, David I. Docket No. 188

    A municipal water commissioner violated the conflict law by accepting payment from the town for three private construction jobs, by approving two of the payments, and by billing the town for tires purchased for his personal use.
  • Walsh-Tomasini, Rita, Docket No. 275

    In a Disposition Agreement between the Commission and a local school committee member, the latter admitted she violated section 19 of the conflict law first by appointing her son to a clerk/typist position on her own staff and again when she took action to grant him a retroactive pay raise.
  • Wheeler, Richard Docket Number 09-0011

    Barre Department of Public Works Superintendent, Richard Wheeler admitted to violating the conflict of interest law, G.L. c. 268A, by attempting to use his official position to secure for himself an unwarranted privilege of substantial value and by participating in his official capacity in a matter in which he had a financial interest.
  • Willauer, William Docket No. 11-0019

    The Ethics Commission approved a Disposition Agreement in which a Nantucket Board of Selectmen member admitted to violating G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law, on several occasions by voting to award contracts to the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention and to the Family & Children’s Services of Nantucket County, Inc., doing business as Nantucket Behavioral Health Services, Inc. During the relevant time period, he was a member of the board of directors of ASAP, and he was the President of BHS.
  • Winsor, Shawn Docket No. 07-0015

    Lancaster Board of Health member Shawn Winsor fined $5,000 and forfeited $2,700 for awarding a town contract his own company.
  • Zager, Jeffrey Docket No. 386

    Jeffrey Zager, administrative assistant to the Mayor of Gloucester, is fined $2,000 for violating the conflict of interest law by participating in the hiring of his sister to a municipal job, and subsequently participating in contract negotiations with the union to which his sister belonged. 

  • Zeneski, Joseph, PEL 89-3

    A state employee found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 19 for reviewing work submitted by an engineering firm that he had agreed to work for after leaving his state job.
  • Zwingelstein, Louis, Docket No. 546

    Sheffield Conservation Commission member Louis Zwingelstein participated in approving a determination of applicability and notice of intent for an applicant knowing his business would then work privately in connection with the applications.