• Ansart, James, PEL 98-2

    Hopedale Water and Sewer Commission Chairman cited for having his engineering firm work as a subcontractor on an elementary school renovation project.
  • Baylis, Robert Docket No. 07-0014

    Lancaster Board of Health member Robert Baylis was fined $2,000 and forfeited $1,800 for awarding a contract to mow the landfill, and then mowing the landfill and receiving payment for the work.
  • In the Matter of Joyce Campagnone

    The Commission approved a Disposition Agreement in which Joyce Campagnone, a Methuen City Councilor who is also a full-time paid employee of the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District, admitted to violating the conflict of interest law, by having a prohibited financial interest in a municipal contract.  Campagnone paid a $1,000 civil penalty for the violation and made restitution to the City of Methuen in the amount of $4,000.     

  • Crean, Thomas Docket No. 06-0015

    Former Beverly Mayor fined $1,000 and reimbursed the city $500 for directing that the Purchasing Director declare his laptop computer as surplus property and allowing him to purchase the laptop for $100.
  • Cunningham, George Docket No. 154

    A municipal employee violated section 19 by participating in discussions and decisions relative to the award of a municipal contract to his wife's company and violated section 20 by subcontracting through his own company to do work for the town.
  • Dean, Daniel Docket No. 10-0017

    City of Lynn Board of Health Sanitary Inspector Daniel Dean admitted that he repeatedly violated sections 20 and 23(b)(3) of the conflict of interest law by serving as both a Health Inspector and an appointed city constable, and by failing to disclose instances where he conducted inspections on properties owned by parties for whom he had performed private constable services.
  • Dean, Daniel Decision and Order

    The Ethics Commission has concluded the adjudicatory matter involving City of Lynn Board of Health Sanitary Inspector Daniel Dean by approving a Disposition Agreement in which Dean admitted to violating G.L. c. 268A, the conflict of interest law, and by dismissing the adjudicatory hearing.
  • Doherty, Henry M., Docket No. 155

    An employee of the Metropolitan District Commission violates section 7 by having a financial interest in a contract made by a state agency.
  • Dray, David L., Docket No. 146

    Former Executive Director and Legal Counsel to the Hull Redevelopment Authority and former Hull Town Counsel found to have violated G.L. c. 268A, section 20.
  • Dubay, Francis H. Docket No. 676

    Erving Selectman fined $1,000 for participating in his appointment by the Selectmen as the part-time, paid, assistant town treasurer.
  • Erbetta, Robert Public Education Letter

    Public Education Letter issued to a former member of the Board of Trustees, of the Marblehead Community Charter Public School, to resolve allegations that he violated the conflict of interest law by performing private construction-related work for the school while he was a member of the Board.
  • Fleming, Jr., David I., Docket No. 156

    State employee violated G.L. c. 268A, section 7 by holding positions with both the West Roxbury District Court and with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.
  • Fripp, Amy, Docket No. 724

    Commission concludes that the Enforcement Division failed to prove its case against Department of Housing and Community Development paralegal Amy Fripp, who was charged with allegedly violating the conflict of interest law by purchasing a property pursuant to a DHCD program.