For Immediate Release - January 17, 2006

Former Springfield Parking Authority Operations and Facilities Manager Kelly Giampa Fined $3,000

The Massachusetts State Ethics Commission fined former Springfield Parking Authority (the Authority) Operations and Facilities Manager Kelly Giampa $3,000 for soliciting bribes for herself and a friend in early September 2003 from a contractor seeking work from the Authority.

According to a Disposition Agreement issued, Edward Rossi, whose wife worked at the Authority, expressed interest in bidding on a contract to remove and replace a retaining wall at an Authority parking lot. After Authority Executive Director Clement Chelli questioned whether the contract could be awarded to the spouse of an Authority employee, Giampa told Rossi that she would make sure Rossi got the contract if Rossi gave her $1,000. Giampa also proposed that Rossi give her friend $1,000 in return for her friend's name being used on the contract instead of Rossi's.

Rossi declined Giampa's suggestion and subsequently submitted a bid, dated September 16, 2003, for $21,476, which was the lowest bid received. When the Authority learned that Giampa had allegedly solicited money from Rossi in relation to his bid, the Authority canceled the bids and ordered an investigation. Giampa was suspended from her position on September 23, 2003 and resigned in October 2003.

Section 2 of the conflict of interest law prohibits a municipal employee from corruptly soliciting or seeking anything of value for herself or any other person in return for being influenced in her performance of any official act.

"Bribery is one provision of the conflict of interest law that is neither technical nor complicated," said Executive Director Peter Sturges. "As the action by the Springfield Parking Authority and the State Ethics Commission clearly demonstrates, the solicitation of bribes is not tolerated in Massachusetts."