For Immediate Release - December 11, 2007

Commission Fines City of Revere DPW Foremen Randy Adamson and Anthony Giannino $8,000 Each

For Bribing the General Foreman to get Permits for Private Work

The Massachusetts State Ethics Commission fined Revere Department of Public Works (DPW) Sewer Foreman Randy Adamson and Drain Department Foreman Anthony Giannino $8,000 each for violating the state's conflict of interest law, G.L. c. 268A, by paying bribes to DPW Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund General Foreman Joseph Maglione for private water and/or sewer projects in Revere and for receiving compensation for the private work.

According to two Disposition Agreements released today, as DPW employees, Adamson and Giannino were responsible for installing and repairing the city's sewer and storm main lines. The DPW does not install or maintain private connections between the city's main lines and residential or business properties; work on such service lines is handled by private drain layers who are licensed and bonded to do such work. Neither Adamson nor Giannino was a licensed drain layer. Such work generally requires a street opening permit costing $200 and must be inspected by the DPW. Maglione was responsible for such inspections.

Between 2002 and March 2006, Adamson and Giannino were privately compensated for approximately 25 water and/or sewer projects in Revere. Most of these projects required permits: on a few occasions the permit was obtained through a licensed drain layer; on other occasions no permit was sought. Adamson and Giannino testified that Maglione approached them in 2002 and asked for $200-250 for every new water and/or sewer service installation they performed. Between 2002 and summer 2005, they gave Maglione a total of $3,000-$4,000 regarding these installations.

Section 2(a) of the conflict of interest law prohibits anyone from corruptly giving anything of value to a municipal employee with intent to influence any official act or act within his official responsibility. By repeatedly giving Maglione payments of $200-250 for each new water and/or sewer installation, Adamson and Giannino violated this section. Section 17(a) prohibits a public employee from receiving compensation from anyone other than the town in relation to a particular matter in which the town is a party or has a direct and substantial interest. By receiving private compensation for performing drain-laying projects, Adamson and Giannino violated § 17(a).