For Immediate Release - May 03, 2007

Nearly All State Employees File Statements of Financial Interests on Time

The State Ethics Commission reported that there has been 98 percent compliance in meeting the filing requirements of the financial disclosure law, G.L. c. 268B. All but 91 of the 4,143 high ranking employees of state and county government required to file a 2006 Statement of Financial Interests have done so. A record 80 percent filed on-line.

Under the law, employees designated to be in major policy-making positions were required to file their statements of financial interests (SFI's) by May 1, 2007. Those who did not were sent a formal notice of lateness requiring them to file within ten days or face civil penalties. These penalties for late submission are imposed according to the following schedule:

  • 1-10 days delinquent: $50
  • 11-21 days delinquent: $100
  • 21-30 days delinquent: $200
  • 31 days or more: $500

For the repeated late submission of an SFI, fines are doubled. Fourteen of the individuals sent formal notices of lateness this year also missed the filing deadline last year. The non-filing of an SFI may result in a $2,000 penalty. In addition, a public employee who has not filed an SFI as required may not continue in his duties or receive compensation.

"What began in 1978 as one of the Commission's major activities has become a routine matter and an accepted requirement of public life for those employees who must file," said Peter Sturges, Executive Director of the Commission. "The high rate of compliance can be credited to two factors. First, the Commission receives the cooperation and support of heads and liaisons of state and county agencies across the state. Second, almost all public employees understand and take seriously their duty to file."

Statements are available upon the written request of any individual for public inspection and copying at the Commission's office, Room 619, One Ashburton Place, Boston. By regulation, requests will be honored only if accompanied by proof of a requesting individual's identity. The statute requires the Commission to forward a copy of such request to the individual whose Statement has been examined.

Elected officials are required to file their Statements by Tuesday, May 29, 2007.