Massachusetts Export Center

 Export Compliance Assistance Program

An enhanced assistance program to help Massachusetts businesses
comply with U.S. export regulations

The Massachusetts Export Center is pleased to introduce the Export Compliance Assistance Program. Through this program, the Massachusetts Export Center will work with your business to educate your entire staff on export regulations and practices that can be implemented to ensure compliance.

In recent years, the federal government has significantly tightened export regulations in response to growing threats to national security. Government export enforcement officials are actively pursuing companies whose export operations are not compliant with U.S. regulations. Lack of export regulatory awareness on the part of an exporter can lead to audits and a whole host of penalties, including:

Significant Fines
Civil and/or criminal charges
Negative Publicity
Revocation of Exporting Privileges
Debarment from U.S. Government Contracting

It is the responsibility of all U.S. exporters to be familiar and compliant with federal export controls. Many companies mistakenly believe that they are not affected by export regulations because they produce innocuous products or sell only to "friendly" countries. Whether they know it or not, all exporters operate under U.S. export control laws, which are broad and far-reaching. Even with the help of a freight forwarder, businesses can unknowingly violate these laws. The exporter is ultimately responsible to have a thorough understanding of export regulations and to establish operating procedures aimed at preventing violations.

Export compliance requires a proactive company-wide commitment that includes all levels of the company involved with international business operations, including: CEO/President; CFO; COO; international sales & customer service; export administration; overseas operations; and shipping.

The Export Compliance Assistance Program is a free service offered through the Massachusetts Export Center's statewide network of offices:

  • Counseling and technical assistance on the full range of U.S. export regulations
  • ECCN classification guidance
  • Export license determination assistance
  • Assistance in establishing an Export Management System
  • In-house training on the Export Administration Regulations, documentation and procedures
  • Targeted referrals to government authorities responsible for export controls
  • Low cost seminars on export compliance issues
  • Onsite assistance available through the Massachusetts Export Center's statewide network of offices


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