Worcester Network - Diversion

Sherinda is a single mom with an eight month old daughter. Sherinda was an assistant manager at a shoe store until complications with her pregnancy caused her to leave work on medical leave. Shortly thereafter, there was a fire in her apartment building, which resulted in Sherinda becoming homeless.

For the first time Sherinda applied for TAFDC benefits but it was not enough to cover the move in costs for a new unit or to pay the rent for a 2 bedroom unit which averages $750 a month. On September 25, 2009, Sherinda applied for Emergency Shelter at the Worcester DTA office and was approved for the diversion program.

Sherinda will be stabilized in her own unit utilizing Homeless Prevention and Rapid-Rehousing financial assistance (HPRP). Due to Sherinda's marketability she should be able to find employment before the 12 months of rental assistance has expired.

Sherinda was happy to find out that she did not have to enter shelter to obtain assistance with housing. A lease has been negotiated beginning November 15, 2009, for Sherinda to rent a 2 bedroom unit in Webster, MA. Sherinda had been doubled up with her uncle since the fire.