The Regionalization Advisory Commission was created by the Acts of 2009, Chapter 60: An Act Establishing a Regionalization Advisory Commission.  The law was signed by the Governor in August 2009, tasking the Commission to submit its findings and recommendations for regionalizing local services no later than April 30, 2010.

Following the passage of this law, former Lt. Governor Murray was named chair of the Commission and led a series of meetings with the goal of identifying best practices, challenges, and recommendations for regionalization a range of local services including: public health, housing, veterans’ services, elder services, public safety, municipal finance, public works and transportation, education, libraries, green communities, and information technology. 

Under the former Lt. Governor’s leadership, Regionalization Advisory Commission filed a full report on April 30, 2009 with the state legislature. Former Lt. Governor Murray then partnered with the Joint Committee on Municipal Affairs and the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies on a series of forums to receive immediate feedback from municipalities on the findings of the report.

After the Regionalization Advisory Commission has sunset based on legislation, the former Lt. Governor requested the Municipal Affairs Coordinating Cabinet’s Executive Order be amended to formally include the promotion of regionalizing local services as a part of the Cabinet’s mission.  Through the work of the former Lt. Governor and the Secretary of Administration and Finance, the Patrick Administration was implementing the state’s new Community Innovation Challenge Grants, which received an overwhelming response for regionalization projects by cities and towns.  Grants for these projects were awarded in late winter 2012.