2nd Annual Veterans' and Military Families Appreciation Day in the Park

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans’ Services was re-established by Governor Patrick’s Executive Order Number 483 in April of 2007 and appointed former Lt. Governor Tim Murray as the Chairman.  For 12 years this Council lay dormant and previous governors did not convene it.  Governor Patrick and former Lt. Governor Murray brought this Council back to give veterans, their family members, and their advocates a seat at the table in the Governor’s Office. The Council is currently chaired by Secretary Coleman Nee of the Department of Veterans' Services. 

The Council works to review and assess state, federal, and local programs relating to veterans and the delivery of services to veterans, including healthcare, education, housing, outreach, and workforce training and retraining.  The Council educates the people of the Commonwealth and their elected and appointed officials regarding issues of importance to the Commonwealth’s more than 385,000 veterans.