• Welcome to the Community Compact application page. This page contains the formal application for a Community Compact. 

    Step 1 – Community: Choose your community from the dropdown list.

    Step 2 – Contact Information: Include the contact’s name, phone, and email. This should be the person who can be reached if there are questions about the Compact application.

    Step 3 – Compact Signatory: Fill in who the compact signatory is.  For a city, the signatory should be the Mayor or City Manager; in a town it should be the Chair of the Board of Selectmen; if a town with a town council, it should be the Town Manager/Administrator.  These guidelines also apply to any application choosing Education as a best practice area.

    Note: Each community is allowed to submit one application. Once a community submits an application, that community will no longer appear in the dropdown menu.

    Step 4 - Regionalization: If you are participating in a Compact with several other communities, please check this box. You will then enter the names of the other communities you plan to partner with toward the same best practice.

    Step 5 – Best Practice: Choose the best practice category from the dropdown and the best practice options will appear.  After choosing the best practice you plan to implement, you will need to explain why in the next box.  If you are choosing multiple best practice areas, simply repeat the steps.  Communities may choose up to three best practice areas to implement.

    Step 6 – Submission: Once you have completed the application, please click the submit button. You will not be able to save or review your application once you hit submit. You will receive notice via email confirming your application.

    Upon submission, applications will be reviewed by the Senior Deputy Commissioner of Local Services. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the best practice or practices chosen are unique to the municipality and reflect needed areas of improvement. After review, the Division of Local Services will reach out to the community regarding next steps.

    NOTE: You will need a passcode to fill out the form below. If you do not have a passcode, please contact DLS by sending an email to Daniel Bertrand at bertrandd@dor.state.ma.us.