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    • Gov. Baker, Sec. Walker and Sec. Peyser

      Governor Baker discusses strategies to address the state's workforce skills gap

      Appoints leaders for the Workforce Skills Cabinet.  

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    • Sec. Walker speaking at the Workforce Skills Cabinet launch

      Secretary Walker appointed to chair the Workforce Skills Cabinet

      Will work closely with Secretaries of Education, Housing and Economic Development and others as required.

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  • Workforce Skills Cabinet hard at work to get more people jobs

    Created by executive order on February 26, 2015, the Workforce Skills Cabinet aligns Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Ronald L. Walker, II, Education Secretary James Peyser and Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash to gather ideas to strengthen the pipeline to employment.

    The cabinet is charged with finding a way to help people who are looking for work get the skills they need to fill the jobs that exist in the Commonwealth, and to help employers find qualified workers.

    Since early March, the Workforce Skills Cabinet has met with business leaders and educators around the state to find ways to create partnerships between the employer community, the state workforce system and education in order to open up more job opportunities around the Commonwealth.

    The Cabinet is expected to release a report with recommendations in November.