Before applying, we encourage you to review the office descriptions and candidate criteria below. Although we cannot guarantee placement in a specific office, applicants are encouraged to indicate their preference(s) in their cover letter, as this will help us get to know their interests and find a strong fit. We will work with applicants to find the placement that most closely matches their interests, skill set, and goals for the experience.

Community Affairs
Constituent Services
Government Affairs
Governor's Council
Judicial Nominating Commission
Legal Counsel - Law Students Only 
New Media: Online Strategy // Photography // Video Production
Operations (Scheduling and Advance)
Washington D.C.: Governor's Office of Federal-State Relations
Western Massachusetts: Governor's Office in Springfield, MA

NOTE: The Legal Counsel and Washington D.C. Office have different application instructions than the general application requirements.

Appointments (Boards & Commissions):

Office Description: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has over 800 boards and commissions dealing with virtually every state department and public policy area—ranging from the Commission on the Status of Women, to the Board of Food and Agriculture, to the Governor’s Statewide Youth Council—to which the Governor will make approximately 3,500 appointments during his term. The Office of Boards & Commissions is responsible for screening potential candidates for gubernatorial appointment and works closely with both the Personnel Office and Legal Counsel to process all applications and recommendations and to prepare candidates for the Governor’s approval. For this reason, many undergraduate interns interested in a legal career often prefer to intern in the Appointments, Government Affairs, or Judicial Nominating Commission offices.

Candidate Criteria: Intern responsibilities include reviewing and responding to correspondence, analyzing legal statutes which pertain to boards and commissions, data entry, updating files, drafting appointment letters for the Governor’s signature, corresponding with constituents and appointees as well as assisting in all facets of the appointments process as needed. Ideal candidates will exhibit a high level of attention to detail, strong organizational skills, professional phone demeanor, and familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel.

Community Affairs

Office Description: The Office of Community Affairs supports active civic engagement and community-based participation, and serves as the primary outreach vehicle of the Executive Office.  The Office of Community Affairs is committed to opening the lines of communication between Governor Patrick and Massachusetts residents by working directly with local community groups, non-profit groups, and community stakeholders through grassroots organizing. Community Affairs works substantially with the Governor’s Statewide Youth Council—a diverse, 28-member body of 14-20 year olds who live across the Commonwealth that acts as a liaison between the Governor and the youth of Massachusetts by focusing on violence prevention and education reform. The Office of Community Affairs also leads special projects involving the Youth Violence Initiative. Governor Patrick’s statewide priority is to reduce youth violence among proven-risk young men ages 14-24.

Candidate Criteria:  Intern responsibilities include assisting with correspondence, conducting research, community outreach, and maintaining the office’s database. Interns also assist with the preparation and staffing of events both in and out of the office.  Interns often work closely with the Director and Deputy Director on projects involving initiatives mentioned above. An ideal candidate must be professional, a team player, independently motivated, personable, innovative, and skilled at writing and interpersonal communications.

Constituent Services:

Office Description: The Governor’s Office of Constituent Services serves as the first point of contact between the public and the Governor's Office. The office responds on behalf of the Governor to telephone requests, opinion calls, and comments from the people of Massachusetts. Additionally, aides review and process all written correspondence to the Governor and log, track, draft, and proofread responses for the Governor’s signature. Constituent Services is also responsible for issuing citations acknowledging individual accomplishments, proclamations that increase public awareness about important historical and societal causes and grant support letters. Interns in the Office of Constituent Services can expect a very active internship.

Candidate Criteria: Candidates for Governor Patrick’s Office of Constituent Services understand Governor Patrick's vision for Massachusetts and are familiar with current events. Though not for the shy, this is a great office for gaining a hands-on education in how state government works. Interns will cultivate oral and written communication skills while witnessing how government can help people get the assistance they need. Ideal candidate qualities include:  an open mind, a healthy sense of humor, excellent writing skills, computer and telephone skills, an ability to multitask, an interest in state government and knowledge of various state agencies, high levels of energy and enthusiasm, quick thinking, and an ability to anticipate new situations and learn from new experiences.

Government Affairs

Office Description: The Office of Government Affairs focuses on moving the Governor’s legislative agenda forward by sustaining relationships with state, federal, and local elected officials as well as advocacy groups. This office ensures that the Governor and his staff are fully informed about all legislative matters, and acts as a liaison between the Executive and Legislative branches of government. The office tracks legislation in progress, handles legislative inquiries, and communicates with legislators and legislative staff on a regular basis regarding a variety of issues. The office also works closely with secretariats in tracking legislation and responding to inquiries from legislators.

Candidate Criteria: Government Affairs interns should have an interest in the legislative process and implementation of public policy. They must have excellent communication skills, both written and oral.  As interns will frequently be in touch with legislators’ offices, they must already exhibit high levels of maturity, professionalism, and discretion prior to their arrival in the office. Those who are considering attending law school and would like to deepen their understanding of the interaction among various levels of government are well-suited to this office. Prior knowledge of the basic legislative process is preferred but not required.

Governor's Council

Office Description: The Massachusetts Governor's Council, also known as the Executive Council, is chaired by the Governor and composed of eight councilors elected from their respective districts every two years. Massachusetts is one of the only states in which judges are appointed by the Governor, and they must all be approved by vote of the Governor’s Council. In addition to these hearings and judicial votes, the Council meets to act on issues such as payments from the state treasury, criminal pardons and commutations, and approval of gubernatorial appointments of various individuals, including clerk-magistrates, notaries, justices of the peace, and public administrators. The Council Administrative Office within the Governor’s Office processes paperwork required for the matters listed above and works to prepare for each week’s Council meeting.

Candidate Criteria: The Governor’s Council is an elected body which meets weekly and is responsible for approving judicial nominations, as well as nominees to certain state boards. Interns in the Governor’s Council assist the staff in processing these nominations as well as notary public and justice of the peace applications. In addition, interns answer phone calls and assist individuals regarding various appointments, along with pardons and commutations. Applicants must display strong communication skills, attention to detail, maturity, responsibility, and professionalism.

Judicial Nominating Commission

Office Description: Massachusetts is one of the only states where judges are appointed by the Governor, and the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) is the body responsible for screening all judicial applicants and nominees. JNC staff work directly with the Governor's Legal Counsel on judicial nominations. Every Tuesday evening the JNC meets to review applications and discuss potential nominees. Interns are very much encouraged to attend these meetings, as well as each Wednesday meeting of the Governor’s Council in which a judicial candidate is interviewed or voted on by the Council. This office responds to correspondence, conducts judicial research, handles candidate inquiries, performs general office work such as filing and copying, and drafts memoranda, press releases, and briefing materials relative to judicial appointments.

Candidate Criteria: Undergraduates with strong writing skills and the ability to handle sensitive information are needed to assist with the day-to-day operations. As interns may be sitting in on JNC meetings and assisting in the application review process, discretion and attention to detail are essential to this position. This office would be ideal for those who are seeking exposure to the legal community and would feel comfortable working on projects independently.

Legal Counsel

Office Description: The Office of the Legal Counsel advises the Governor and senior staff on all enacted legislation and implementing regulations; collaborates with agency counsel and the Attorney General’s Office on litigation involving state agencies; drafts legislation and executive orders; and oversees extradition, clemency, other criminal matters and ethics issues. The office works to support the Administration in the areas of housing and economic development, education, public safety and security, administration and finance, health and human services, transportation, energy and environment, and labor and workforce development.

Candidate Criteria: The Office of the Governor's Legal Counsel is a fast-paced environment which has a role in virtually every major policy initiative of the Governor. The office also handles a host of legal issues that arise daily, requiring quick research, analysis, and response. Legal interns work closely with all attorneys in the office and are primarily responsible for legal research and writing. Current law school students and recent law school graduates with exceptional research and writing skills may apply for positions in the Office of the Governor's Legal Counsel.

How to Apply: Please submit resume, cover letter, transcript and writing sample to:
Jamie Hoag
Deputy Chief Legal Counsel
Office of the Governor
Massachusetts State House
Room 271
Boston, MA 02133

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered until all positions are filled.

New Media: Online Strategy // Photography // Video Production 

Office Description: The Governor’s New Media Office works within the Press Office to cover and expand the Governor’s media presence through photography, video, and online mediums. Interns will work primarily with either the Production Manager or New Media Manager and collaborate with the rest of the Press staff and interns.

Online Strategy Candidate Criteria: The Governor’s Office relies on Online Strategy interns to collaborate with the New Media Manager and the rest of the press staff to develop and sustain the Governor’s web presence. The goal of the New Media Office is to utilize online strategy and the Governor’s various new media platforms—from the state’s website, to the Governor’s blog, to his social media pages—to enhance the dialogue between constituents and their government. Much of the work of an Online Strategy intern will center on utilizing new media to both disperse vital information to constituents and show them how their government is working for them and what they can do to get involved themselves.

Photography Candidate Criteria: Photography interns assist the Governor’s Production Manager in taking pictures at events for the Governor and in the executive branch. Interns travel to events throughout the state including to press conferences, important meetings, tours of high-tech industry companies or schools, meetings with foreign and US dignitaries and bill signings. Interns must be able to walk the fine line between getting the shot and being intrusive; they must be respectful of the event participants, and their surroundings. Requisites include photography skills (preferably a person majoring in photography) and an ability to understand and learn digital photographic work flow and photo editing. All candidates must provide their own digital camera.

Video Production Candidate Criteria: Video Production interns assist the Production Manager in filming and editing videos for the Governor’s Office. Interns travel to press conferences and events throughout Massachusetts, film formal recordings with the Governor, and produce videos telling the story of the Governor's activities and daily agenda. Interns should be proficient in videography, sound recording, and video editing as well as have the ability to creatively apply these skills to the work they perform in the office. Requisites include knowledge of video production and post-production with non-linear editing platforms; this includes Final Cut Pro, Willingness to learn iMovieHD and familiarity with YouTube.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered until all positions are filled.

Operations (Scheduling and Advance)

Office Description: The Governor’s Operations Office is comprised of both the Governor’s scheduling staff and his advance staff. The scheduling staff directly handles all event and meeting requests for the Governor’s time, effectively managing his calendar. They catalogue invitations to the Governor, track them through the acceptance and rejection process, and communicate decisions to event organizers. The advance staff accompanies the Governor to all events and handles the logistical arrangements for the events both on-site and offsite. Interns in the Operations Office can expect to assist with both scheduling and advance duties as dictated by the daily needs of the office.

Candidate Criteria: Interns are responsible for assisting both the scheduling and advance staff.  Workload includes a great deal of correspondence with event organizers and meeting requestors, as well as managing the electronic tracking system of all requests received. As the Governor’s calendar contains confidential information, interns must be discreet and professional in performing their job. Other duties may include research on event background, event logistics, and general office support. Candidates should have prior office experience and display professional phone demeanor, attention to detail, and familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel.


Office Description: The Governor’s Personnel Office processes and analyzes background checks and management-level personnel transactions for all Secretariats within the Executive Branch. The office reviews applications for certain constitutional and statutory appointments, reviews and approves one-day marriage designations, reviews and handles nominations of Justices of the Peace and Notaries Public, and handles other traditional human resource functions. The Personnel Office works closely with the Appointments Office and the Legal Counsel.

Candidate Criteria: Intern responsibilities include assisting in processing background checks, reviewing and approving One-Day Marriage Designation applications, data entry, and updating files. Interns will be responsible for working with constituents in order to assist them with navigating the One Day Marriage Designation Process. Ideal candidates must have attention to detail and strong organizational skills. Candidates should also be able to handle highly confidential information responsibly.


Office Description: The Governor’s Press Office works behind the scenes in a fast-paced environment that demands professionalism, creativity, and quick thinking. The Press Office produces press releases and public schedules. Interns will be responsible for preparing daily news clips, answering a heavy volume of phone calls from reporters on deadline, and monitoring news coverage of the Governor and other members of the Administration.  Additionally, interns will assist with general office work, writing news summaries, and distributing press releases and the Governor's daily public schedules to the State House press corps.

Candidate Criteria: Press intern applicants can expect to be working personally with members of the press, and as such must display exceptional maturity, professionalism, and discretion. Interns in the Press Office will be working on press releases, daily clips, and monitoring of various news coverage. Ideal applicants will have some experience working in communication, press, or journalism, and exhibit strong office skills, discretion, and the ability to deliver on a deadline. The Press Office operates on an 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM schedule, and applicants should be flexible and willing to contribute either some morning hours and/or some evening hours.

Washington D.C. Office of Federal-State Relations for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Office Description: The Washington D.C. Office of Federal-State Relations for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts advocates and lobbies for state interests and monitors federal actions that could impact the commonwealth. The office is the primary intermediary between state officials and the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. The office also serves as a liaison between the state and federal governments. Finally, the office interacts with similar offices representing Governors from other states, working through organizations such as the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Coalition of Northeast Governors (CONEG) to advance state interests.

Candidate Criteria: Interns' responsibilities include conducting research, preparing briefing books, attending meetings of the NGA, hearings and briefings on Capitol Hill, and other administrative tasks. Interns are expected to have strong writing, organizational, and interpersonal skills. They must be able to work well under pressure and balance multiple tasks effectively. Most importantly, interns must have a healthy work ethic and be energetic, independent, and unafraid to take initiative. College students majoring in political science, public policy, and other social sciences are encouraged to apply. While full-time interns are preferred, part-time interns will also be considered. Applications will be considered year-round. Massachusetts ties preferred.

How to Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Valerie Young.

Western Massachusetts Office of the Governor in Springfield

Candidate Criteria: Interns are expected to serve a minimum of 15 hours each week. Students entering their sophomore year or above at an institution of higher learning are encouraged to apply. Candidates should have an interest in public service, be familiar with current events, and possess excellent phone and computer skills. Other important qualities include: an open mind, keen organizational and communication abilities, and a knack for thinking on one’s feet. Interns will cultivate important career skills while gaining first-hand knowledge of the workings of state government. 

The application deadline for this internship is Friday, July 25, 2014. To learn more please contact