Governor Baker recognizes that the quality of our system of administering justice is determined largely by the quality of the judicial officers appointed to serve within our judicial system. Governor Baker created the Judicial Nominating Commission (the "JNC") pursuant to Executive Order No. 558 pdf format of Executive Order No. 558
knowing that public trust begins with the process by which judges are appointed.  The Judicial Nominating Commission serves as the Administration's screening mechanism for judicial candidates. 

The JNC and its Mission

The JNC is a non-partisan, non-political and non-compensated Commission composed of twenty-one distinguished volunteers, appointed by the Governor from a cross-section of the Commonwealth's diverse population.

The JNC seeks applicants who possess the temperament, ability and integrity to freely, impartially and independently interpret the laws and administer justice. It also seeks applicants who represent not only the geographically diverse parts of the Commonwealth, but also the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of our citizens.

The JNC is committed to preserving the confidentiality of the application process.

JNC Commissioners' Names and Addresses

The JNC Commissioners’ names and addresses are provided for informational purposes only. Pursuant to Executive Order No. 558, Section 2.3., applicants may not communicate directly with the JNC Commissioners. Correspondence and questions should be directed to the JNC’s Executive Director (see “Contact Us”).