This list includes all current judicial and clerk-magistrate vacancies. No applications will be accepted unless a vacancy is posted under Vacancies Open for Application.

Updated August 13, 2014

Supreme Judicial Court

No current vacancies.

Appeals Court

No current vacancies.

Superior Court

The Honorable S. Jane Haggerty (confirmation pending)
(August 6, 2014)

Probate & Family Court
Franklin County Division (confirmation pending)
The Honorable Geoffrey A. Wilson
(July 2, 2014)
Posted: application deadline closed.

Worcester County Division (confirmation pending)
The Honorable Susan D. Ricci
(July 18, 2014)
Posted: Application deadline closed.

Land Court

No current vacancies.

Housing Court

No current vacancies.

Housing Court Clerk-Magistrate    

No current vacancies.

District Court

NOTE: A maximum of 158 District Court judges may be appointed at any particular time.
M.G.L.c. 211B, § 2 & M.G.L. c. 218, § 6. As of August 13, 2014, there are 151 District Court judges appointed to the District Court.

Subject to the statutory cap, vacancies may be filled as circuit appointments or for any of the "named" statutory positions that are not filled at this time:

Ayer District Court (vice Kilmartin)
Brockton District Court (vice Baylor)
Chelsea District Court (vice Maldonado)
Concord District Court (vice Curtin)
Framingham District Court (vice Greco) (confirmation pending)
Gardner District Court (vice Philbin)
Gloucester District Court (vice Flatley)
Hingham District Court (vice Hurley)
Lowell District Court (vice Walker) (confirmation pending)
Newburyport District Court (vice Melahn)
Newburyport District Court (vice O'Leary)
Orange District Court (vice Merrigan)
Orange District Court (vice Schubert)
Palmer District Court (vice Cote)
Pittsfield District Court (vice Barbalunga)
Pittsfield District Court (vice Koenigs)
Quincy District Court (vice Cannone)
Uxbridge District Court (vice Virostek)
Westborough District Court (vice Waickowski)
Winchendon District Court (vice Garbose)
Worcester District Court (vice Brennan)
District Court Clerk-Magistrate

Gloucester District Court
The Honorable Kevin P. Burke
(January 20, 2010)
Posted. Application deadline: September 4, 2014

Winchendon District Court
The Honorable Daniel F. Langelier
(March 19, 2011)

Boston Municipal Court

Dorchester Division
The Honorable Rosalind H. Miller
(May 19, 2014)

Central Division
The Honorable Charles R. Johnson
(July 5, 2014)

Boston Municipal Court Clerk-Magistrate

No current vacancies.

Juvenile Court

No current vacancies.

Juvenile Court Clerk-Magistrate

No current vacancies.