Thank you for your interest in serving on the Supreme Judicial Court.  Please follow these instructions.

  1. The SJC application is available on the JNC website: SJC Application  docx format of SJC Application
 The application must be completed in accordance with these instructions in order to be considered by the Supreme Judicial Court Nominating Commission (“SJC-NC”). 
  2. All pages of the application should include a header or footer containing the applicant’s last name, date of application and page number.
  3. Please use 12 point font and please do not rearrange the order of questions or remove any questions from the application.
  4. If a question does not apply, please state "Not Applicable" in the space provided.  If information is not available, please state "Not Available" and explain why.
  5. Please attach your writing samples at the end of your application.
  6. Please scan your SJC-NC application (including resume as the cover page and the Certification and Waiver Form) and submit it in pdf form via email to  Do not send your application directly to the members of the SJC-NC.  SJC-NC staff will acknowledge receipt of an application via email.
  7. Closing deadline:  All applications must be emailed to the SJC-NC on or before 5 pm on Monday, November 21, 2016.
  8. Letters of Recommendation: Upon request by the SJC-NC, applicants who have been invited to an interview are permitted to submit up to 5 letters of recommendation to the Executive Director via email at

Please Note:  SJC JNC applications are not public records.  However, applicants should be aware that their SJC-NC application may be reviewed by the Joint Bar Committee and, after nomination, by the Governor's Council.

All applicants should carefully review Executive Order No. 566 with particular attention to Section 2.1, Qualifications for Appointment to the Supreme Judicial Court and Section 2.2, Code of Conduct for Applicants.  Applicants should take particular care to avoid violations of the "Code of Conduct for Applicants" with regard to lobbying and political contributions. 

Please contact the JNC staff at (617) 725-4031 or at with any questions.