• Governor's Staff

    Below is a list of the Governor's staff by department. If you would like to contact the Governor's office, please visit our Constituent Services office or call us at 617-725-4005.

    The Executive Office of the Governor

    Governor Deval Patrick

    Michele Mansilla, Executive Assistant to the Governor 

    Richard Sullivan, Chief of Staff 
    Rachel Kreitz, Executive Assistant 

    Jennifer Ramsay, Receptionist
    Jeanette Hines, Receptionist

    Maydad Cohen, Special Assistant to the Governor for Project Delivery
    Kim Haberlin, Senior Advisor to the Special Assistant to the Governor for Project Delivery
    Claire Cooper, Project Manager to the Special Assistant to the Governor for Project Delivery

    Brian Gosselin, Transition Director
    Jewel James, Special Advisor to the Governor for Transition
    Pat Johnson, Transition Coordinator

    Boards and Commissions

    Kendra Foley, Director of Boards and Commissions
    Chelsey Cartwright, Deputy Director of Boards and Appointments
    Emma Goldstein, Deputy Director, Board and Commissions

    Cabinet Affairs

    Erin McAleer, Director of Cabinet Affairs
    Victoria Maguire, Director of Policy
    Geoffrey Kravitz, Deputy Director of Cabinet Affairs
    Adam Freudberg, Senior Policy Advisor, Executive Director of the Military Task Force


    Jesse Mermell, Communications Director
    Heather Johnson, Press Secretary
    Rachael Neff, Deputy Press Secretary
    Bonnie McGilpin, Deputy Press Secretary
    Samantha Hooper, New Media Press Assistant
    Eric Haynes, Production Manager

    Community Affairs

    Anny Jean-Jacques Domercant, Director of Community Affairs

    Elizabeth Cardona, Senior Director of the Western Massachusetts Office and Civic Engagement Advisor
    Donna Johnson, Administrative Assistant Western Massachusetts Office

    Constituent Services

    Bianca Hoffman, Director of Constituent Services
    Matthew Giancola, Deputy Director of Constituent Services
    Norman Abbott, Constituent Services Aide
    Diego Huezo-Rosales, Constituent Services Aide 
    Kathleen Verra, Constituent Services Aide
    Neha Mistri, Constituent Services Aide

     Federal Relations

     Ryan Ferguson, Director, Washington, D.C. Office 
    Caroline Powers, Senior Advisor for Federal-State Relations

    Government Affairs

    Rosemary Powers, Deputy Chief of Staff for Government Affairs
    Lynne Montague, Deputy Director of Government Affairs 
    Eric Kanter, Assistant Director of Government Affairs
    Jared LaLiberte, Government Affairs Coordinator

    Governor's Council

    George Cronin, Administrative Secretary
    Sonia Altamirano, Administrative Assistant
    Valerie McCarthy, Executive Assistant

    Legal Counsel

    Kate Cook, Chief Legal Counsel
    Jamie Hoag, Deputy Chief Legal Counsel
    Byron Knight, Deputy Legal Counsel
    Patrick Moore, Deputy Legal Counsel
    Cecilia Ugarte Baldwin, Deputy Legal Counsel
    Alim Adatia, Special Counsel
    Dylan O'Sullivan, Legal Assistant

    Marilyn Lyng O'Connell, Executive Director Judicial Nominating Commission & Deputy Legal Counsel
    Philip Pitt, Deputy Director, Judicial Nominating Commission

    Office of the Child Advocate

    Gail Garinger, The Child Advocate 
    Elizabeth Armstrong, Deputy Director
    Christine Palladino-Downs, Clinical Specialist
    Jane Lee, Research and Policy Analyst
    Michael Benezra, Legislative and Communications Coordinator
    Heather Porriello, Program Assistant


    Marissa Wan, Director of Operations 
    Ellie Miller, Deputy Director of Operations and Scheduling 
    Chris Speers, Special Assistant to the Governor
    Alexander Zafris, Scheduler & Briefing Coordinator
    Celi Khanyile-Lynch, Operations Coordinator
    Jacob Watts, Advance
    Veronica Martinez-Roman, Advance

    Personnel and Administration

    Carmen Arce-Bowen, Director of Personnel and Administration
    Christopher Williams, Deputy Director of Administration
    Luisa Lyons, Deputy Director of Personnel
    Kate Buckley, Assistant Director of Personnel
    Rory Clark, Internship Coordinator & Assistant Director of Boards and Commissions