• The Executive Office of the Governor

    Governor Charlie Baker
    Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

    Steven Kadish, Chief of Staff
    Tim Buckley, Senior Advisor to the Governor
    Michael Vallarelli, Deputy Chief of Staff

    Jabes Rojas, Deputy Chief for Access and Opportunity
    Tammy Mello, Executive Director of the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

    Brianna Wehrs, Governor's Executive Assistant & Scheduling Director
    MaryAnne Smyth, Lt. Governor's Executive Assistant
    Emily Chabot, Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff
    Haley Arnold, Scheduling Assistant

    Boards and Commissions

    Carlo Basile, Chief Secretary
    Ed Palleschi, Director Boards and Commissions
    Tonia Scalcione, Assistant to the Chief Secretary
    Nicholas Butts, Program Coordinator

    Cabinet Relations - Strategic Operations

    Joel Barrera, Deputy Chief for Cabinet Affairs
    Elizabeth Mahoney, Associate Chief and Policy Director
    Adam Weikel, Associate Chief and Director Strategic Operations
    Michael Kelleher, Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives
    Daniel Lee, Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives
    Rebecca Ullman, Assistant Director for Strategic Operations
    Katie Cunningham, Project Manager for Strategic Operations
    Abi Vladeck, Project Director - Real Estate Assets


    Lizzy Guyton, Communications Director
    Billy Pitman, Press Secretary
    Brendan Moss, Deputy Communications Director
    Ryan Boehm, Deputy Communications Director / Digital Strategist
    Anisha Chakrabarti, Press Assistant
    Thomas Dickens, Director of External Affairs

    Community Affairs

    Mindy d'Arbeloff, Deputy Chief of Community Relations and Constituent Affairs
    Hodari Cail, Community Affairs Director

    Constituent Services

    John Tapley, Constituent Services Director
    Ricky Guillaume, Deputy Director and Intern Coordinator
    Dashary Martinez, Constituent Services Aide
    Megan Abaspour, Constituent Services Aide
    Jasmine Clark, Constituent Services Aide
    B. Kim, Constituent Services Aide

    Governor's Council

    George Cronin, Administrative Secretary
    Sonia Altamirano, Administrative Assistant
    Valerie McCarthy, Executive Assistant

    Legal Counsel

    Lon Povich, Chief Legal Counsel
    Cathy Judd Stein, Deputy Chief Legal Counsel
    Ben Goldberger, Deputy Legal Counsel
    Michael Kaneb, Deputy Legal Counsel
    John Stephan, Deputy Legal Counsel
    Matthew Graves, Legal Assistant
    Sharon Casey, Executive Director Judicial Nominating Commission & Deputy Counsel
    Olga Shulman, Deputy Director Judicial Nominating Commission
    Emily Gauthier, Associate Deputy Director Judicial Nominating Commission

    Legislative Affairs

    Ryan Coleman, Legislative Affairs Director
    Kaitlyn Sprague, Deputy Director
    Scott Ahern, Assistant Director
    Tiffany Watkins Ahern, DC Office Director
    Michael Knapik, Western Massachusetts Office Director

    Office of Access and Opportunity

    Jennifer Galvao, Program Coordinator
    Shen Tang, Program Coordinator

    Office of the Child Advocate

    Gail Garinger, The Child Advocate
    Elizabeth Armstrong, Deputy Director & Counsel
    Christine Palladino-Downs, Clinical Specialist
    Jane Lee, Research and Policy Analyst
    Heather Porriello, Program Assistant


    Dean Serpa, Director of Operations
    Scott Conway, Deputy Director
    Byron Lynn, Special Assistant to the Governor
    Shelby Rosenberg, Special Assistant
    Grace Robinson, Briefing Book Coordinator
    Joyce Stanton, Receptionist

    Personnel & Administration

    Matt St. Hilaire, Director of Personnel and Administration
    Ariel Perez, Deputy Director of Administration
    Michael Vazquez, Employment Coordinator
    Victoria Grimes
    Emily Casey, Recruiter
    Sara Giannandrea, Recruiter
    Mary Leviner, Recruiter