3rd Grade Reading Proficiency Bill SigningDear Friends: 

In America, and in Massachusetts, we have rarely left the things we decide are important entirely to chance.  When we decided that educating our children was important, we created public schools and land grant universities.  When we decided settling the west was important, we built the transcontinental railroad.   When we decided freedom was important, we freed the slaves and eventually gave women the right to vote.  We tend to shape our own future in America, not leave what’s important to chance. 

The generation before ours asked themselves what kind of Commonwealth they wanted for themselves and then for us, and then set about to shape it.  They sacrificed to make things better for us, making investments that led to one the greatest expansions of wealth and opportunity in the history of the world. We have the Mass Pike, I-95, Logan Airport, UMass, and so many other amazing resources because prior generations prepared a better future for us.

Earlier this year, the Lieutenant Governor and I laid out a plan to prepare for a better future for the next generation.  Our budget proposal is a plan for growth – by investing in education, innovation, and infrastructure. 

Everyone knows that a comprehensive transportation system is vital to supporting and growing our economy.  Workers need it to get to their jobs.   Students need it to get to school.  Tourists need it to get to the sights.  Police and firefighters need it to get to emergencies.  People need it to get to the doctor, to the grocery store, to the gym or the rink, to the movies.  Whether it’s good roads, reliable commuter rail, frequent bus or subway service, a nearby airport or a convenient ferry, transportation is about more than moving from Point A to Point B. It’s about quality of life, growth, and opportunity.

Likewise, because our growth depends on our innovation economy, and that depends on a well-educated workforce, we have proposed to target new investment in education where it is shown to have the highest impact.   We need to get the nearly 30,000 kids off the waiting list for early education; to extend the school day for middle schoolers in Gateway Cities, so they get what they need; to make college more affordable; and to support our community colleges as the platform for skills training.

Many people ask, how will this plan help me?

That’s why we created this new tool. Here you can explore the many ways our plan will help you.  You will be able to see things like the roads and bridges that will be rebuilt, the schools that will be better funded, and the numbers of kids who will be moved off the waiting list and into quality early ed in your community.  

I invite you to check it out and join in on the conversation about what kind of Commonwealth we want and deserve.  Now is not the time to leave our future to chance.

See How the Governor’s Growth Plan Will Benefit Your Community

Massachusetts Revenue Modeling Tool

The following revenue modeling tool was designed to help provide an understanding of how the Governor’s growth proposal will fund investments in education, innovation, and transportation across Massachusetts. This tool will allow users to explore the likely impact of the proposal on personal taxes, and to develop their own revenue proposal which can be compared to the Governor’s plan. Please follow the link below to download. We look forward to having a conversation which will allow us to strengthen our Commonwealth in the long term and leave our children a better tomorrow.