Via Phone

Please contact the Public Records Division in the Secretary of State's Office at (617) 727-2836 if you need to:

  • Renew your application
  • Change your address
  • Change the name on your Notary Commission
  • Find out the expiration date of a Notary Commission
  • Find the contact information for a Notary Public
  • Order a new seal or new stamp*

If you have questions regarding the status of your notary application, please call the Governor's Council at (617) 725-4015.

For all other questions about notaries public, please call the Office of the Governor's Legal Counsel at (617) 725-4030.

*Many reputable providers can be found online, or you may also purchase a notary stamp from your local office supply store.

Via Regular Mail

To ask a question about the notary public process and duties or to request a notary public application through regular mail (which must include a self-addressed stamped envelope with at least 60 cents postage) send all mail to:

Notary Public Office, Room 184
State House
Boston, MA 02133

Please note: It takes approximately 2 weeks from the time the applicant mails the completed form back to the State House to receive written notification of the appointment, which will include swearing in instructions.


There is no single state-wide office that receives complaints against notaries.  Section 18 of Chapter 222 of the General Laws empowers the attorney general and district attorneys to prosecute any notary public violating the provisions of Chapter 222.  Citizen complaints that are criminal in nature may be made to a prosecutor’s office or to a local police department. Additionally, notaries serve seven year terms and the Governor or Governor’s Council may choose not to renew a notary’s commission if the notary engages in official misconduct or is otherwise not suitable to serve as a notary public.  Should you wish to oppose an individual notary’s re-appointment, you should send a written statement or, if applicable, a copy of your police report to the Governor's Legal Office, State House, Room 271, Boston, MA 02133.. A copy of your correspondence should also be sent to the Notary Public Office: State House, Room 184, Boston, MA 02133.