Commonwealth of Massachusetts
A Proclamation
His Excellency Governor Charles D. Baker

Whereas Several children who attended the Francis Wyman Elementary School of Burlington, Massachusetts lost their homes in a fire that occurred on October 23, 2013; and

Whereas In the weeks and months that followed that tragic fire, the children and their families were the grateful recipients of donations of clothing, toys, books, furniture and other items from the residents of Burlington and surrounding communities; and

Whereas The classmates, teachers and administration of the Francis Wyman School treated the children who had lost their homes with patience, understanding and kindness; and  

Whereas The donations that helped the families return to their usual routines were organized by groups from area civic groups, religious institutions, business organizations People-Helping-People and other local organizations; and

Whereas Chief among the charitable organizations helping the children to return to their usual lives was Helpis, and its founder, Joyce Deliyiannis; and

Whereas Helpis and the children set as their goal the creation of a law that would name May the official Month of Kindness in the Commonwealth to demonstrate their appreciation and gratitude for the kindness shown to them; and

Whereas Helpis, together with the children, contacted their Representative in the Massachusetts legislature, Kenneth I. Gordon, and their Senator, Kenneth J. Donnelly, and learned how a bill becomes a law, and learned how citizens of this Commonwealth may become involved in the legislation that affects their lives; and

Whereas Senator Donnelly served the people of the Fourth Middlesex District and the Commonwealth for nine years with grace, dignity, generosity and Kindness; and

Whereas Senator Donnelly passed away on April 2, 2017;

Now, Therefore, I, Charles D. Baker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby proclaim the month of May 2017,

In Special Memory of Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly

to be,


And urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston, this first day of May, in the year two thousand and seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the two hundred and forty-first.

By His Excellency               

Charles D. Baker
Governor of the Commonwealth

Karyn E. Polito
Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth

William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth

God Save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts