A spectrum of crisis counseling and mental health resources have mobilized to support and assist organizations or entities affected by the bombings and subsequent law enforcement actions. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, the American Red Cross, the Boston Public Health Commission, and others are working to coordinate support and assistance to any organization that requests it.

To request assistance for your organization or business:

In the City of Boston:

Mayor’s Help Line at 617-635-4500

Outside of Boston:

Riverside Community Care at 1-855-279-0632

Assistance for Insurance Claims:

Businesses or consumers who were impacted as a result of the Boston Marathon Bombings and subsequent events from April 15-19, who need assistance with their insurance claims, or who have other insurance related questions are encouraged to call the Division of Insurance, toll free at (877) 563- 4467. While your insurer understands the circumstances following the Marathon Bombings, filing claims as soon as possible will allow you to potentially recover any losses that you may have incurred in a timelier manner.

It is important to keep copies of correspondence with your agent or insurance company, as well as receipts or any other documents that may be important to the claims process. Take photographs when possible, especially of any items you must discard. Except for matters of life safety, don’t attempt repairs or engage a repair contractor until you’ve spoken to your insurance company.  Being prepared with the information your insurance company or agent may require will make the claims process easier. Ask questions and remain in constant contact with your insurer, agent or adjuster so that you aware of recoveries, settlements, or any other important information. If you have questions about your insurance claim, or any other insurance related questions visit the Division’s website or by calling the Consumer Services Unit at (877) 563-4467.