In response to a 2008 outbreak of youth-related violence in the Greater Boston area and in order to incorporate youth voices into the policy-making process, Governor Patrick created the Governor's Statewide Youth Council. Since that time, the Youth Council's mission has been to advise the Governor in making decisions and setting policy to improve the lives of young people throughout the Commonwealth.

On September 12, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick swore in the inaugural members of the Governor's Statewide Youth Council.

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Purpose and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Youth Council:

  • To give young people access to the Governor
  • To increase youth participation in government
  • To give young people a significant voice in the decision making process
  • For young people to develop leadership skills and become active citizens
  • To create relationships between youth and adult leaders throughout the state

Role and responsibilities of youth council members:

  • Commitment to serve for 2 years (unless young person turns 21 before end of their term)
  • Discuss issues important to youth in their community and learn from other communities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to make a change
  • Attend scheduled meetings
  • Work closely with other youth council members and adult sponsor
  • Work closely with local councils to address youth related issues
  • Recruit young people into local councils in collaboration with the Governor's Office
  • Submit report to Governor's Office with recommendations regarding youth related issues and projects carried out by youth

Role of Governor's Statewide Youth Council Working Group

The working group is charged with synthesizing information collected at the four planning meetings in order to design a mission, structure and operations of the Statewide Youth Council. The working group was composed of members of the Governor's Office, including Community Affairs and Civic Engagement, the Executive Offices of Health and Human Services, Labor and Workforce Development, the Housing and Economic Development, the Department of Education, Mayor's Office of the City of Springfield, community and faith based organizations, and youth who reside in the Commonwealth.

Role of Governor's Statewide Youth Council Application Review Committee

Each member of the committee is responsible for reviewing applications for a particular county in the Commonwealth. Members are charged with the task of assessing the candidates and recommending applicants for each county to the Youth Council Working Group.

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