Welcome to the Governor’s 2012-2014 Statewide Youth Council Blog! We are looking forward to sharing all the exciting information about us as a council and our initiatives.

The Governor’s Statewide Youth Council was created by Governor Deval Patrick in response to a 2007 outbreak of youth-related violence in the Greater Boston area. The Council is comprised of 28 members from the Commonwealth’s 14 counties ages 14-20, who all come from diverse backgrounds. Within those 28 members are the Council’s three officers: Chairperson Doug Andrade (Dukes County), Vice-Chairperson Nikhil Chopra (Essex County), and Secretary Mary-Kate Roffey (Plymouth County). The Youth Council's mission is to advise the Governor on issues that face the youth of the Commonwealth. 

Past Youth Councils have had similar foundations, but their initiatives have differed. While the 2008-2010 Council focused on civic engagement and the 2010-2012 Council focused on bullying, we, the 2012-2014 Council, have collectively decided to focus on education.  While education is our top priority, the Council also has subcommittees that focus on youth homelessness, youth violence, and public relations.

After only four meetings, the Youth Council is already merging together as a cohesive group.  We have been able to stand together as one group of young people from different counties, all representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

On this blog, you will learn from each county’s representatives about what inspired them to join the Council, what they have done while on the council, what their plans are for the future and much more about their life and role as a Council Member.

Looking ahead, we are confident that our Council will do many great things for the youth of Massachusetts. We hope that you continue to follow our blog and spread the word that the Governor’s Statewide Youth Council means business.

Thank You,

Doug (Chairperson)
Nikhil (Vice Chairperson)
Mary-Kate Roffey (Secretary)