Hi, my name is Emaan Syed and I am the Essex County representative on the Governor’s Youth Council.  

I live in North Andover and am studying at Umass AmherstThe Council narrowed down two main issues we wanted to focus on during our term; youth violence prevention and education, from those two issues, we decided to focus on the issue of bullying facing the Commonwealth, as well as across the country.  While bullying has been around for centuries, recently, bullying is greater of an issue to us.

Bullying is important to me because it is an unnecessary obstacle that too many students are facing in life.  Bullies are everywhere in the world and in life, and at times do not realize the inner damage that they cause in others.  The majority of youth that deal with being bullied do not show their distraught emotions or feelings to others, especially the bullies, while their internal struggle goes unknown.  It is important for the youth to come together and put an end to bullying, we are the ones with the most influence on the matter.  Students should not, “Put up with put downs”, do not put up with yourself, or your peers being bullied.

Positive ways to prevent bullying include:

  • Not saying hurtful words to people
  • Encouraging positive language
  • Not bringing yourself up by putting others down
  • Be accepting of others’ differences
  • Not letting the words get to you
  • Confiding in someone you trust




Hi, my name is Kaden Belanger and I am the Hampshire County representative on the Governor’s Youth Council.

Black Out Bullying was created by the members of Governor’s Youth Council to have the students in the Commonwealth take a stand against hate. When voting on whether to take on bullying, I strongly advocated my approval on this issue.

I graduated from South Hadley High School in 2010 as Senior Class, Student Government and Gay-Straight Alliance President. I was also part of the  Peer Leaders group at my high school. It was only two years ago that a student at myschool committed suicide because of bullying. As a leader of my school, I did all I could to help the students to ensure that this will never happen again.

Today, suicide caused by bullying is more apparent in our nation. As a member of the Governor’s Youth Council, I will take a stand to ensure that the Commonwealth will never have a youth suicide again. On the 25th of January, we must all band together as students to finally Black Out Bullying in the Commonwealth. The best way to fight hate is by coming together as a community to work in ending bullying in each of our areas. I strongly encourage all of you this Wednesday to wear black and take the pledge against bullying.