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This bill was passed on November 19, 2007.

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Legislation as Filed

Please note: Below you will find the legislation as filed by Governor Patrick. After being filed, bills are sent to the Massachusetts legislature where they may be amended or altered.

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Text of Filing Letter

October 30, 2007

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives:

I am filing for your consideration "An Act Making an Appropriation for the Fiscal Year 2008 to Provide Supplemental Funding for a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program", a bill recommending a Fiscal Year 2008 supplemental appropriation totaling $15 million. This legislation is necessary to provide additional heating assistance to low-income residents across the Commonwealth during the winter months of 2007 and 2008.

This supplemental legislation includes a one-time state supplemental appropriation of $15 million to supplement the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Sufficient revenues are estimated to be available to finance this appropriation. I urge your prompt and favorable consideration of this bill.

Respectfully submitted,
Deval Patrick

Full Text of Legislation


SECTION 2A. To provide for certain unanticipated obligations of the commonwealth, the sum set forth in this section is hereby appropriated from the General Fund, for the several purposes and subject to the conditions specified in this section, and subject to the laws regulating the disbursement of public funds for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008. This sum shall be in addition to any amounts previously appropriated and made available for the purposes of this item.

7004-1000 For a one-time state supplement to the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, 42 U.S.C. sections 8621 et seq., for the purpose of assisting low-income elders, working families and other households with the purchase of heating oil, propane and natural gas and electricity and other primary or secondary heating sources; provided, that expenditure of these supplemental funds shall be made in a manner consistent with the state plan submitted by the department of housing and community development in accordance with the federal program; provided further, that the department shall establish the maximum assistance for which a household is eligible commensurate with the increased funding provided in this item; and provided further, that the department may increase maximum assistance for which a household is eligible to reflect the needs of those households……………........$15,000,000.

SECTION 3. This act shall take effect upon its passage.