• Daily Legislative Update

    Daily Legislative Update

    April 16, 2014

    Governor’s Filed Legislation

    1.     H.D. 4224, “An Act Making Appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2014 to Provide for Supplementing Certain Existing Appropriations and for Certain Other Activities and Projects”

             Sponsor: Governor Patrick

             Filed: 04/16/2014

    Legislation Acted Upon by the Governor

    1.     S. 1990, “An Act Authorizing the Town of Webster to Issue Five Additional All Alcoholic Beverages to be Drunk on the Premises Designated for Use in the Downtown’s ‘Slum and Blight’ Main Street Area”

             Sponsor: Sen. Richard Moore

             Signed: 04/16/2014 – now Chapter 75 of the Acts of 2014

    2.     H. 3613, “An Act Relative to Time Share Resale and Transfer Service Providers”

             Sponsor: Rep. Peake

             Signed: 04/16/2014

    New Legislation on the Governor’s Desk


    All Legislation on the Governor’s Desk

    1.     H. 2831, “An Act Authorizing the Conveyance of Certain State Land in the Town of Sharon”

             Sponsor: Rep. Kafka

             Action Due: 04/20/2014

    2.     S. 1967, “An Act Designating a Certain Bridge in the Town of Andover as the Andover Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Memorial Bridge”

             Sponsor: Sen. Finegold

             Action Due: 04/24/2014

    3.   H. 3664, “An Act Relative to a Massachusetts Boston Strong License Plate”

           Sponsor: Rep. Puppolo

           Action Due: 04/24/2014

    4.     H. 3767, “An Act Authorizing the Establishment of the Mashpee Water and Sewer District”

             Sponsor: Rep. Viera

             Action Due: 04/24/2014

    5.     H. 3905, “An Act Authorizing the Granting of Easements at Northern Essex Community College in the City of Haverhill”

             Sponsor: Rep. Costello

             Action Due: 04/24/2014

    6.     H. 3969, “An Act Reviving and Continuing the Task Force on the Prevention of Unlawful and Unnecessary Foreclosures”

             Sponsor: Rep. Honan

             Action Due: 04/24/2014

    7.    H. 3909, “An Act Relative to Bullying in Schools”

            Sponsor: None

            Action Due: 04/25/2014

    8.    S. 2071, “An Act to Create an Annual Service and Volunteerism Day”

            Sponsor: Sen. Wolf

            Action Due: 04/25/2014

    9.   S. 1961, “An Act Authorizing the Town of Westport to Lease a Certain Parcel of Land”

            Sponsor: Sen. Rodrigues

           Action Due: 04/25/2014

    10.   S. 1910, “An Act Authorizing the Town of Ipswich to Grant Certain Retroactive Real Estate Tax Abatements”

             Sponsor: Sen. Tarr

             Action Due: 04/25/2014