• Daily Legislative Update

    Daily Legislative Update

    August 20, 2014

    Governor’s Filed Legislation


    Legislation Acted Upon by the Governor

    1.   H. 4267, “An Act Establishing a Sick Leave Bank for Anthanasios Gougoulias, an Employee of the Department of Developmental Services”

           Sponsor:  Rep. McMurtry

           Signed: 08/20/2014 – now Chapter 288 of the Acts of 2014

    2.   H. 4182, “An Act Validating the Results of the Annual Town Meeting of the Town of Millis Held on May 12, 2014”

           Sponsor:  Governor Patrick

           Signed: 08/20/2014 – now Chapter 289 of the Acts of 2014

    3.   H. 3915, “An Act Relative to the Term of Mayor of the City of Salem”

           Sponsor:  Rep. Keenan

           Signed: 08/20/2014 – now Chapter 290 of the Acts of 2014

    4.   H. 4372, “An Act to Promote the Sustainable Economic Development of the Former Weymouth Naval Air Station for the Benefit of the Towns of Abington, Rockland, and Weymouth, the NAS South Weymouth Region and the Commonwealth”

           Sponsor:  Rep. Mariano

           Signed: 08/20/2014 – now Chapter 291 of the Acts of 2014

    5.   S. 858, “An Act Establishing Uniform Wage Compliance and Record Keeping”

           Sponsor:  Sen. Eldridge

           Signed: 08/20/2014 – now Chapter 292 of the Acts of 2014

    6.    S. 2345, “An Act Promoting Animal Welfare and Safety”

            Sponsor:  Sen. Tarr

            Signed: 08/20/2014 – now Chapter 293 of the Acts of 2014

    7.   S. 2007, “An Act Establishing Ataxia Awareness Day”

           Sponsor:  Sen. Michael Moore

           Signed: 08/20/2014 – now Chapter 294 of the Acts of 2014


    New Legislation on the Governor’s Desk


    All Legislation on the Governor’s Desk

    1.   H. 4303, “An Act Recognizing the Profession of Interior Designers to Bid on State Contracts”

           Sponsor:  None

           Action Due: 08/21/2014

    2.   H. 4365, “An Act Relative to Racing Days”

           Sponsor:  Rep. Dooley

           Action Due: 08/21/2014

    3.   H. 1474, “An Act to Improve Criminal Laws Relative to Organized Retail Theft”

           Sponsor: Rep. Linsky

           Action Due: 08/24/2014

    4.   H. 4169, “An Act Increasing the Number of Selectmen in the Town of Sherborn”

           Sponsors:  Rep. Linsky and Sen. Ross

           Action Due: 08/28/2014

    5.    H. 4221, “An Act Authorizing the City of Chicopee to Change the Use of the Chicopee Falls Branch Public Library”

            Sponsor: Rep. Wagner

            Action Due: 08/28/2014

    6.    S. 2302, “An Act Relative to a Vote in the Berkshire Hills Regional School District”

            Sponsor:  Sen. Downing

            Action Due: 08/28/2014